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Extasy Books Inc
19 November 2021
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Two strangers come together for hot, passionate sex one lonely night in a bar. The next day, Nathan Wright discovers that his new boss is none other than his anonymous partner of the night before. Sasha Ronan is hot, rich and head of the most powerful law firm in the city. He also doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure and tells Nathan in no uncertain terms that their illicit dalliance must be swept under the carpet.

Nathan, desperate to make partner, fears for his future, but other forces are at work. Try as he might, he can’t forget the night he spent with his forbidden lover…

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Nathan scrambled for his laptop and shoved it in his bag. He pushed his chair back and found his exit instantly blocked by Sasha, his new boss nearly body-checking him.

“If you could stay behind, that would be great.”

Nathan tried to stammer an excuse, something about being too busy, about having urgent Emails to send, a dentist’s appointment, God he didn’t feel well, anything to get him away from last night’s memory made flesh, but no words sounded from his suddenly parched throat. He could do nothing but watch Sasha mutely as his boss turned to shake hands with a few of his colleagues as he ushered them to the door. Finally, Sasha closed the door and silence fell, broken only by a long sigh from his boss.

He turned to face Nathan. “This is a difficult situation.” Those sapphire eyes held Nathan’s as though searching for every nuance of emotion he might express.

Nathan licked his lips. His boss was wearing the same aftershave as last night, something unique that Nathan had never smelled before and now would never forget. The effect was to take him right back to that stall and all the wonderful things Sasha had done to him there. Nathan’s cock swelled, tightening his pants.

Sasha regarded him as though unaware of his sexual magnetism. “If I’d known who you were, I never would have…” He trailed off, looking uncomfortable for the first time. “That’s not me. I don’t mix business with pleasure.”

Nathan said nothing. He wished the ground would swallow him up.

“I’m not going to be a bastard about it,” Sasha continued. “That’s not me either. A mistake was made. Let’s draw a line under it.”

Nathan stared at him. He’d been half expecting Sasha to fire him. Who’d want an employee who indulged in cheap bathroom sex in bars with total strangers? Well, apparently his boss did the same. Nathan guessed keeping him on meant keeping his own sordid secret. He felt suddenly downhearted. He had a new boss and already their working relationship was ruined. He’d certainly ruined any chance he might have had of making partner, all because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. He felt ashamed and humbled. He might be better off if Sasha did fire him.

Sasha continued to keep that unsettling gaze on him, and Nathan was helpless to stop his body from responding. “You did the right thing walking out afterwards. I was going to ask for your number. That would have been an even bigger mistake.”

Nathan opened his mouth and nothing came out. He felt a flush envelop his face. He couldn’t believe his ears. Sasha had been going to ask for his number? He’d enjoyed last night enough to want to repeat the encounter. And instead, Nathan had walked out like the prick he was. And now it was too late anyway.

Sasha gave a small smile. Did he really have no clue about the turbulence running through Nathan’s mind and body? “I’ll catch up with you later.” He strode to the door and opened it. Nathan watched him retreat down the corridor. He remembered every moment of the night before. And the words he had never heard during cheap sex before.

You’re a very sensual man. You respond to me as if we’ve been lovers many times in the past. Like you know my touch.

They had done it in a bathroom stall in a bar, a desperate fumble lasting mere minutes. And yet, it felt like the least cheap thing that had ever happened to Nathan.

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