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Between The Lines by Lizzie Williamson
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Individual Stories
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Lizzie Williamson
15 December 2020
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If perception is supposed to be everything — what happens when you stop caring what people think?

Garrett Fairchild is on the cusp of Country music superstardom by trusting that his cousin Eddie knows best — about money, life, and well, everything. No one was ever supposed to figure out he was gay, especially not the businessman with the mesmerizing green eyes.

After spending his formative years trying to escape the abuse of his father, Finn O’Donnell doesn’t trust anyone. Intensely private and asexual to boot, he figures on being lonely for the rest of his life. A budding relationship with Garrett only could happen in his dreams — or could it?

Two men convinced they’ll never find love, find it in each other. But what happens when a conversation rips the relationship apart — do you go back for your Encore or do you take your curtain call?

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