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Barbara Elsborg
28 November 2017
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He wants to forget

West is an archangel’s assassin delivering justice to supernatural creatures who break the law. Not a straightforward job because he also has to absorb the memories of those he kills. Even worse, West is breaking the law himself in an attempt to free his brother from hell. If he doesn’t succeed before his archangel boss finds out, West will be joining his sibling.

He wants to remember

A young guy wakes in a London park with his memories gone. He has no idea who he is, or where he comes from. A bracelet engraved with the single word Tao is the only clue to his identity. With no sign of his memory returning, he drifts into a life on the streets. Begging is his only way to survive.

Two worlds collide

When Tao returns West’s stolen wallet, West offers to buy him a coffee. Tao delights in the chance to sit down with a good-looking guy until his instincts tell him to run away. Fast. West is surprised when Tao flees, considering how much he’d been mentally urging him to stay. Is he losing his touch or is Tao more than a scruffy young man down on his luck.

Only one way to find out.

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Five werewolves followed West out of The Lamb Inn. After what he’d just witnessed, he guessed the pub owner might be rethinking his once a week all-you-can-eat buffet. The shifters had consumed every piece of meat in the place and ignored the salad. It would be good to think the amount the guys had eaten would slow them down, but it would have the opposite effect and boost their metabolism.
West only wanted the alpha. A call to one of his shifter informants had confirmed Sherborne had killed a child. West wasn’t sure what he’d have done if he’d discovered it wasn’t true. Telling Raphael was also informing his boss that he didn’t trust him. It was a lose-lose situation.
Although the instruction from Raphael was to take only Sherborne, the wolves moved as a pack. Sherborne was never alone. Not even when he used the bathroom. After the insults West had thrown in the bar, and the beer he’d spilt, he knew they’d be unable to resist teaching him a lesson. Instead, they’d be the ones learning a lesson. He set off at a fast clip to lead the group away from the street lights and possible CCTV, though he sensed an Eye was watching.
The pack trailed him, likely thinking they were moving silently, but West was on high alert, every sense tuned into and supporting his intent. He could hear the scrape of their shoes on the pavement, the rustle of clothing, even the sound of them breathing. He guessed they’d make their move when he turned the next corner. The moment he was out of sight, he zipped across the street and pressed himself into an unused doorway. It was ankle-deep in litter and he grimaced.
The only element of surprise he’d have was the moment they turned the corner, because they’d wonder where he was. But they weren’t stupid and only one appeared. The guy didn’t spot West, and moved back. Moments later, the five of them were spread across the head of the narrow street. The alpha stood in the middle.
Get out here, dickhead, Sherborne called.
West stepped forward. They were on him quickly, but they’d never tangled with anyone like him before.
They were fast, he was faster.
They were strong, he was stronger.

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