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Encompass Ink
21 January 2021
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Who will claim the crown of America’s Next Top Stripper? After retiring from the stage, ex-male stripper Matt lands an amazing opportunity to host the new show America’s Next Top Stripper. Judging alongside a super model, an internationally famed stripper, and a drag queen, the panel more than has its work cut out for them when ten gorgeous, diverse, and sexy men show up at the show’s mansion. Matt must resist a crush on the resident bad boy Ace to remain impartial as the head judge.

Through lust, greed, and camaraderie, these ten men must compete to be the best. Show after show, these men deliver sultry and sexy performances and one is eliminated each week. Finally arriving at the Top 5, things take a dark turn and secrets long buried surface.

In the world of America’s Next Top Stripper, who will win and who will survive?

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I swing open the door for the next stripper contestant to arrive and in one look, it’s obvious. Our resident bad boy has arrived. Ace has tattoos on both arms with spikey black hair and piercing blue eyes. He walks with a definite swagger, has a slightly crooked smile, and exudes a cocky attitude that is hard to resist.

“So, why do you think you can be America’s next top stripper?” I ask.

He grins and then points at his face, then chest, then crotch.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he says, raising his eyebrows and flashing a sexy smile. He also has a hint of a New York City accent that gives him even more edge.

“Okay, Mr. Cocky,” I say with a grin.

He smirks, rubbing his chin with his thumb and forefinger, obviously loving that I called him that.

“You’ll need more than that,” Justin tells him. “You have to be able to dance and put on a show, that’s what this competition is all about.”

“Oh, I’m all about the competition,” Ace tells him while shooting me a sly look.

As we head up the stairs to check out the rooms, Justin whispers in my ear, “He’s going to be trouble.”

“Yeah, in the very best way,” I whisper back.

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