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Encompass Ink
23 June 2022
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While the world awaits the aliens’ return in 99 days, Mitch pines to see one alien in particular. 
Will Claytone return? If he does, is it crazy for Mitch to dream of a future with him? Will he pass the IQ test the aliens said they will mandate?
One thing is for certain, in 99 Days, planet Earth—and Mitch—will never be the same. 

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As he watches the spaceship disappear into the sky, Mitch can hardly believe Claytone is gone. He forces a smile and a tear trickles down his cheek. He takes a deep breath. It feels surreal, all of it. Did an alien really land here, rent a room from him, present planet Earth with an ultimatum to change or else ,  and then fly away to return in 99 days? It all is so crazy but it’s true.
Maybe craziest of all are Mitch’s feelings after knowing someone for such a short time. He never really thought he’d feel this way, but then again, he’s never met anyone like Claytone, not even close. He stares up into the empty sky ,  and there is now no evidence at all of Claytone being here. Well, not physical evidence anyway. There is plenty of evidence in Mitch’s mind and heart. He misses him already. Mitch just met him a few days ago but can’t deny he feels an ache in his heart now that Claytone is gone.   
He puts his hand over his heart and feels it pounding. Claytone came so suddenly into his life and left the same way. Mitch wipes a tear away from his cheek with a melancholy smile. He is also digesting the message Claytone left for the people of Earth; it was not exactly what he expected. It was quite ominous and knowing the people of this planet better than Claytone does, doesn’t fill Mitch with optimism. The people of Earth are not going to change ,  and Mitch knows what that means. So many people will be eliminated. Planet Earth will never be the same.      

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