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This book contains mentions of drug use, obsession, references to parental abuse, drink spiking, violence, attempted rape, and attempted murder.

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Kingdom of Corazon series by Ann Marie James

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Totally Bound
22 June 2021
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The heart wants what the heart wants…

Christian Diaz grew up as the best friend and unofficial bodyguard to the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Corazón. After an incident left him questioning his place in the castle, Christian joined the military and didn’t return for ten long years.

Now he’s been assigned to the castle as Royal Military Liaison to investigate the source of some recent threats against the crown. The annual Midsummer’s Ball is the perfect place for the anti-monarchy group to make their next move, so that’s where Christian will be too. If it gives him a chance to reconnect with his friends in the castle and make a play for the man he has compared all others to, it’s even better.

Max Ramirez is now the head chef for the castle. He started as a sous chef at age twenty when Christian was just an awkward teen. Now that Christian’s back at the castle, all grown up and interested in Max, the chef is determined not to let an opportunity with Christian pass him by.

When someone tries to sabotage the Midsummer’s Ball, Max and Christian need to work together to track down the people determined to make this event their last.

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Ann Marie James sitting down with Max Ramirez from The Way to a Man’s Heart.

Ann Marie: I’m here interviewing Max Ramirez, head chef for the castle. Hello Max.

Max: Hello Ann Marie. How are you today?

Ann Marie: I’m good. Thank you for asking. Now I know you’re very busy getting ready for the Midsummer’s Ball so I won’t keep you long.

Max: Yes, we have a lot going on at the moment.

Ann Marie: Besides the ball?

Max: Oh yes. Dr. Guttschein is hosting a dinner next month for a medical conference. He is quite excited that he could offer a castle dinner to the participants.

Ann Marie: Dr. Guttschein is the surgeon general for the island, correct?

Max: Yes. First, we have to get through the ball though. Then I can focus on making sure everything is good to go for the dinner.

Ann Marie: Do you enjoy your job as the Head Chef?

Max: I really do. It’s been my dream to have a job like this since I was five. Everyone else wanted to be a cop or fireman. I just wanted to cook. I was very sad when Head Chef Howie Klein retired though. I didn’t feel like I had learned everything from him yet, but the arthritis in his feet made it so he couldn’t continue at the level he wanted.

Ann Marie: He’s still around though?

Max chuckles: Oh yes. He comes in from time to time to harass me and tell me what to do. Official title or no, he is still my superior, which he reminds me of often.

Ann Marie: But you are friends correct?

Max: Yes, we are. I’m also friends with his wife and son, Ryan.

Ann Marie: Ryan Klein, companion to Princess Zia is coming back this summer.

Max: His father told me that. He and his wife are beyond excited for him to be home.

Ann Marie: That’s great. Now, what about your family? Are they proud of you?

Max: They are super proud. As their only child they are pushing for me to find someone and settle down so they can have grandchildren, but proud of me in every other aspect of my life.

Ann Marie: No significant other?

Max: Honestly there hasn’t been time. I’ve been working hard to show that I deserved to become the youngest head chef in palace history. Are there times I wish I had someone to come home to and discuss my day with? Most definitely, but unless someone spectacular walks through the door that can tear my attention away from my kitchen, it’s not going to happen.

Ann Marie: A little focused are you?

Max: Until recently, without a doubt.

Ann Marie: Until recently?

Max: Yeah. People have been talking to me about finding balance and getting out there. Howie told me last week that the kitchen wasn’t going to love me back in my old age. He has a point. I just need to get through the next month or so and then I might try to make some changes.

Ann Marie: Well, here’s hoping the Midsummer’s Ball and conference dinner go well, so you can make that happen.

Max: Fingers crossed. Now I need to get back to my kitchen. Lots to do.

Ann Marie: Well I appreciate you giving me these few minutes.

Max: You’re very welcome.


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


This book left me with mixed feelings. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed it but felt as though it was missing something.

It had a strong plot; I mean when your assigned to protect the royal family from a plot to over through them. You can not get much more exciting. Add to that a feud between Christian and his father who is supposed to be head of security of the Castle. Then there’s Christians unrequited teenage crush for the castle’s chef. Well, that crush never went away and much to Christians delight Max does have feelings for Christian.

The characters were relatable, and I connected with them, but I wish we got to know them a little more, we only really saw Christian in their work roles, or in Max’s apartment after work.

Whilst the plot was well thought out and filled with excitement and pending danger, the actual key moments seemed to be over a little too soon, we did not really get to feel the characters emotions after each event.

I think what it really boils down to is that, for me the book was not long enough to truly do the plot or characters justice.

Having said all that would I read it again or recommend it to readers. The simple answer is yes. It is a enjoyable story with a slow build up to the ending, with some humour at times, a few clever incidents too. And I quite like the authors writing style. It just needs a few extra chapters to allow the characters and story world to grow to their full potential.


The royal family of the Kingdom of Corazón greeted their guests for the Midsummers Ball as Christian watched. He ran a hand down the front of his dress military uniform to straighten it while he waited for his turn to be announced. This was his first formal duty as the newly appointed Royal Military Liaison, and he needed to make sure he looked his best. He shifted his feet to find some relief for his ankle, which was still sore from him standing for a long time. His last mission had not gone to plan, and a broken ankle had been the result. Although the cast had come off a couple of weeks prior, it still wasn’t one hundred percent.

“Royal Military Liaison Lieutenant Diaz,” the herald announced. Christian caught the eye of Crown Prince Sebastian toward the end of the greeting line and his best friend’s eyes widened in surprise before his face lit up with happiness at seeing him. As the only child of the Castle Commander, Christian had grown up here, but he’d been in the service away from the castle for ten years. At thirty, Christian was the same age as Crown Prince Sebastian. They had been best friends from the time they had been in diapers, and even though Christian and the prince still got together when their schedules allowed, it wasn’t the same as seeing and being with him every day. Christian had missed him fiercely.

The royal children of the kingdom were usually paired with a young playmate from the age of about ten. Christian had started earlier than age ten as Sebastian’s companion, since he was always with him anyway. As Castle Commander, his father was the head of the guard slash castle security. He’d taken the companion idea a step further and trained Christian to be as good as he could be in martial arts and marksmanship. In his father’s eyes, Christian was to act as another line of defense for the Crown Prince. While Christian had not carried a gun—that was the role of the actual bodyguards—he was trained in case he ever had to use one.

With a nod to the herald, Christian stepped forward to greet the Queen of the Kingdom of Corazón. Queen Tania reached out both hands to Christian, and he clasped them and raised them to his lips while bowing over them. “My Queen… It is a pleasure to see you. You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Lieutenant Diaz, it is a pleasure to see you as well. Ten years is way too long. We have missed you.”

“I apologize for the lengthy absence, Your Highness. I needed a change, but I am assigned here for the foreseeable future, so you will have time to get sick of me again.”

“So my husband has told me. I am excited to have you home, although in a different capacity as the Royal Military Liaison. I look forward to catching up.”

“As do I.”

The queen turned a stern eye on her eldest daughter, who was standing to her right. “Princess Zia, isn’t it wonderful that Christian will be back with us for a while?”

Christian tried to mask his sneer as his gaze went to Zia, who was not at all happy this evening. Of course, she wouldn’t be, since she wasn’t the center of attention. She wasn’t a very nice person and never had been. She was also part of the reason he’d left and joined the military. What she did… No, he wasn’t going to think about it. It was in the past. He was stronger and even more deadly now. It was time for him to face his demons. The military had finished the training his father had started, turning him into a true weapon. At twenty-eight, Christian had hoped Zia would have grown up and stopped being so self-absorbed, but the affliction seemed to have gotten worse instead of better in the time Christian had been away.

Christian gave Princess Zia a shallow bow. “Princess Zia.” That was all he could manage. He wasn’t going to lie and say he’d missed her.

Princess Zia tossed back her hair and gave him her haughtiest look. “Mr. Diaz.”

“It’s Lieutenant Diaz, actually, Your Highness.” Christian didn’t wait for her to respond, instead turning to greet the king of the Kingdom of Corazón. A striking man, even in his fifties, King Raul Hart exuded a sense of calm authority that Christian had always admired, making him seem larger than life. “King Raul.” Christian bowed low in front of the man. When he straightened, Christian was shocked to realize that he was now taller than the king. When they had met briefly the day before, the king had been busy on a phone call and had just waved him into his office and into a chair. Christian had experienced another surprise growth spurt after he had joined the military at age twenty and was now six-three, but he hadn’t realized that made him taller than the king.

“Hello again, Royal Military Liaison Lieutenant Diaz.” The king’s eyes twinkled at him as he ignored protocol and pulled Christian into a hug. “I didn’t get a chance to do that when we met yesterday. I wanted to correct that error.”

“Yes, sir.” Christian returned the hug before stepping back and offering him a crisp salute. “Lieutenant Diaz reporting for duty, sir.”

“As you were, Lieutenant. Now I think there’s someone here who can’t wait to greet you. It was hard keeping this a secret from him.”

“I know. I talked to him earlier, and I almost spilled the beans.”

Christian moved down the line and tried to keep a stern expression on his face as he saluted before grinning at one of his best friends. “Crown Prince.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were being assigned to the castle as Royal Military Liaison?”

“I thought you would like the surprise of it. It just happened a few days ago.” Christian once more ran a hand down the front of his military uniform. “First mission, the Midsummer’s Ball. It’s a very tough assignment.”

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Ann Marie James is fluent in two languages, English and sarcasm. She believes that you will never learn anything new if you don’t read as much as you can, and/or talk to every stranger you meet. She always looks for the best in people and to treat people the way she wants to be treated. Above all Ann Marie believes in love, whatever form it takes. Relationships are hard, love is the glue that keeps it together.

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