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Podlington Village Romance (series) by Helena Stone, Alex Jane, H J Perry, Riza Curtis

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Same story universe
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Helena Stone
15 October 2021
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After all the pornstars and glamour models will he even still remember me?

The last thing Cameron Porter expects when he checks in to Podlington House is to come face to face with reminders of the three-week fling he had eight years ago with a young photographer named Eli. But there the enticing image is, hanging over his bed, and that is just one of many coincidences to bring back memories of the man he foolishly refused to stay in touch with.

Eli Comerford stumbles on Podlington House by accident while on a break from his successful career in America. The sudden images of Cameron, his first real lover and the man he never managed to completely forget are disconcerting though.

When they discover they’re staying in the same place, the attraction is as strong as ever, but so are the obstacles between them and a relationship. Eli is still located in the US and Cameron in England. Are they embarking on a second holiday fling or can Podlington work its magic and grant them a picture perfect future…together?

Welcome to Podlington! The fictional English village where magic happens and dreams come true. This LGBTQ+ Second Chance story is part of the Podlington Village Romance series and can be read as a standalone novel. Picture Perfect features a happy-go-lucky photographer, a stuffy academic, a myriad of coincidences, and a guaranteed happy ending.

The Podlington Village Romances series is written in British English and includes at least one non-binary character. Therefore they/them is sometimes correctly used as a singular pronoun

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The pond, although its size meant it could easily be called a small artificial lake, was even more stunning up close than it had been from a distance. Big islands of water lilies floated in various spots, pink and white flowers blooming from the large green leaves. Other sections were plant-free, the sunlight sparkling on the surface, creating a magical atmosphere.

Cameron walked up to the edge of the water, not stopping until his toes were mere inches away from getting wet. Eli couldn’t stop himself. He pulled the strap of his camera over his head and placed his Canon on a table a few feet away. He crept up behind Cameron and grabbed him by the biceps, making a forward motion as if he was trying to push him in.

Flinging up both arms, Cameron reacted so suddenly and violently he dislodged Eli’s grip and tumbled forward, falling into the water with his hands outstretched to catch himself.

Rooted to the spot and not sure what had just happened, Eli was torn between laughing and making a run for it.

When Cameron lifted his head from the water, sputtering, laughter won. The sight was hilarious, even if Cameron didn’t seem to appreciate it. The indignation in Cameron’s eyes, combined with his glasses sitting crooked on his nose and his usually meticulously groomed hair falling over his forehead, was too much for Eli’s powers of restraint.

“Very funny,” Cameron growled. “What did you do that for?”

Eli did his best to curtail his laughter, but it still took him several moments before he calmed down enough to answer the question. “I’m sorry. I…” A few chuckles escaped Eli before he got himself under control again. “I didn’t mean for you to end up in the water. I just wanted to startle you.”

“Consider me startled,” Cameron grumbled. He raised himself until he knelt in the water and held out his hand. “Here, help me out, will you?”

Eli didn’t think about it twice and wrapped his fingers around Cameron’s wrist. It wasn’t until he felt the sharp pull and found himself tumbling towards the water that he realised he should have seen this turn of events coming.

“There. See how you like it.” Cameron half grinned, half glared at him.


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The Podlington Village Romances

Picture Perfect is part of Podlington Village Romance – Season 1 – Second Chance


Welcome to Podlington, a charming Somerset village situated more or less midway between Bristol and Bath.

There’s something magical about Podlington.

Coincidence and serendipity are hard at work in our village and always with the aim of bringing together two men who are meant for each other, whether they are looking for love or not.

Here love is given a second chance, opposites attract, and enemies become lovers.

Relax during your stay in Podlington House or enjoy a pint in The Miracle of Magic pub. Take a walk along the river and admire the local stone circle. But be careful. Love may strike when you least expect it.

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Rewriting History by Alex Jane


There was no one on the ground floor as far as he could tell as he hit the last step down. Both the front door and a door to the rear of the house were open, creating a pleasant breeze and views to the outside where he could hear the murmur of voices. The floral scent brought in on the air was mixed with a delicious waft of bread and spices coming from the dining area and it drew Oliver by his griping stomach towards the doorway. That was until he heard someone call his name.

He wasn’t entirely sure at first why it felt as if the ground had opened up beneath his feet but clearly his gut was quicker than his brain at sensing something out of place. His feet had the wit to freeze but that spread to the rest of his body and he simply stood in the hall like an idiot. The second time his name was called, the lack of upward inflection made it less of a question and more of a statement. And, of course, then he knew why he was freaked out. Turning slowly, he was faced with a confused and – oh my god, he looks even better in the daylight – slightly annoyed American, if the furrowed brow was anything to go by.

“Ollie? What are you doing here?”

He looked good. Tall. Oliver had forgotten quite how tall. His dark hair wasn’t slicked with gel, as it had been the night they had met, the loose strands currently fluttering in the breeze. He had on dark jeans and a faded band tee shirt that might once have been black but was rather a dark grey. He’d hooked his sunglasses into the neck and they were pulling down the fabric, revealing a glimpse of the dense dark curls Oliver knew were smeared across his chest and rose up from the base of his cock – oh god, don’t think about his cock.

Oliver blinked, unable to form another thought, let alone a word, until he caught his breath. “Craig? I could ask you the same thing.”

A smile broke out on Craig’s face and the furrow was wiped away in an instant. He stepped forward, opening his mouth as if to speak but then stopping in his tracks, his eyes opening wide as he looked over Oliver’s shoulder towards the open front door.

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Book Cover

Dazzling Doctor by H J Perry


Who is the man in my bed? Did we do the do? And how much did I drink last night because my head feels like it might be the birthplace of volcanoes?

Recently dumped by his girlfriend and with his self-confidence battered, Tom Crispin is taking a short break at a rural guest house where he hopes to find relaxation, and some of that lost self-esteem. Instead, he wakes up with a stranger in his bed and no recollection of what happened.

When Dr. Philip Crackle returns to the area of his childhood to take up a position as a locum GP a serendipitous reunion with a former school pal forces him to take stock. Truth is, Philip has no permanent home or job and he drinks like there’s no tomorrow.

Tom is difficult to ignore, he’s gorgeous, he’s at the top of his profession in the world of construction, and he oozes confidence. Philip can barely keep his eyes off him. But the doctor doesn’t believe he’s good enough for a man who seems to have thoroughly mastered adulting.

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Booking Love Riza Curtis


Excuse me while I curl up and die of embarrassment.

Spencer Heans should be having the time of his life. His latest series hit the bestseller list and he’s headlining the biggest Paranormal Romance Convention held in the UK alongside the amazing Marcus Black. If only his younger, embarrassing, self wasn’t coming back to haunt him.

Trapped in a character of his own creation, Marcus Black is fed up of faking it with a smile. His life is spiralling out of control and the very last thing he wants to deal with on top of a convention full of rabid fans is a fellow author with a crush.

Events conspire, landing the two men at Podlington Guesthouse and offering the opportunity to get to know one another as real people. The beautiful village is the perfect setting for Spencer’s next romance. The only question is whether he gets to be the star…

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Helena Stone can’t remember a life before words and reading. After growing up in a household where no holiday or festivity was complete without at least one new book, it’s hardly surprising she now owns more books than shelf space while her Kindle is about to explode.

The urge to write did come as a surprise. The realisation that people might enjoy her words was a delightful shock. Now that the writing bug has well and truly taken hold, Helena can no longer imagine not sharing the characters and stories in her head and heart with the rest of the world.

Having left the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam for the peace and quiet of the Irish countryside she divides her time between reading, writing, long walks, and her part-time job in a library. A grown-up daughter and her ever-loving and patient husband make sure she occasionally takes a break too.

When she’s not hanging out on the Podlington website or Facebook group, Helena Stone can be found in the following places:

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After spending years creating stories in her head, Alex started writing them down and then found she couldn’t stop. Despite the late start, she now writes m/m romance about found families, sometimes with a historical feel—and the occasional werewolf.

Free from aspirations of literary greatness, Alex simply hopes to spin a good yarn of love and life, wrapped up with a happy ending. And if her characters have to go through Hell to get there, she’s a-okay with that.

Alex writes and walks on the South Coast of England—even when her heart and spellcheck are in New York.

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HJ Perry is 53 already! She's old enough to have her hair whatever colour she wants. Plus 3 children.

She lives in the centre of England BUT is learning to accept having words translated into American spelling for an international audience.

HJP writes gay romance, lesbian romance, and reverse harem fiction.

She writes contemporary and science fiction and fantasy. Most books are set in England where, for the most part, LGBT people are treated with the same respect as anyone else.

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Riza began writing stories at a young age to the a̶n̶n̶o̶y̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ delight of anyone she could b̶u̶l̶l̶y̶ persuade to read them. Now somewhat older, if not wiser, things haven't really changed.

Riza lives in England where they enjoy adding extra letters to words, tea, and discussing the weather (it's always raining). Late diagnosed with autism and ADHD, Riza is passionate about disability rights and inclusivity both in the real world and her stories. Happy endings guaranteed.

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