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14 April 2021
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As a teen, Elliott Denison grapples with life, love and sexuality. His heart had been shattered every time his parents pushed him away. Life had forced him to be strong enough to endure Stanstead’s biggest bully and strong enough to come into his own as an openly gay man.

Now he was 26 years old, and a wave of emotion invaded him as though a switch had been sparked in his mind when Chase Harrison unexpectedly crossed his path. Everything Elliott ever wanted growing up was there in front of him. It doesn’t take long for Elliott to enter into Chase’s life.

Then the ugly past rears its head. Only this time, the face is a shadowy online stalker and an anonymous hater

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How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I wanted to write a story about growing up gay. I thought about how it was for me and if today’s youth goes through what we went through in my time. I began reading blogs. LGBTQ stories on growing up gay, discovering same-sex attraction. I remember how confusing and scary it was to have those feelings, especially when you had no one to talk to. Further, into my research, I noticed that some of the stuff I’ve gone through in the ’70s, today’s LGBTQ people, whether young or older, were going through similar situations my generation went through.

I wanted to show what certain behaviours and attitudes towards the LGBTQ community do to those individuals and the devastation it creates. Bullying, mocking and laughing at someone is still present in today’s society which made me wonder if we, as a society, have ever evolved at all. Why does seeing two men or two women together, whether they are raising a family or getting married, still creates prejudice? Small rural communities are usually very religion oriented, a very gossipy environment because everyone knows each other. I was raised in that type of environment. Suppose you’re different in such an environment. Most of the time, you’ll be ostracized, made fun of, and sometimes beaten up for that. I took all this as the base of the story I wanted to write and carried my characters to their adult life and the change it brought in them as they left their rural environment.


Tell us about why we will fall in love with your main character/s.

I tried to write characters that are strong and sympathetic. My main character starts in a vulnerable situation at home and school. From the start, the reader can’t help but care and root for him. This character is defenceless and experiences dramatic ups and downs throughout the story. His consolation is that he has a solid friendship that he can rely on when things get too much or when he doesn’t know where to turn. As his life unfolds, he only hopes that his life gets better and that one day he will meet Mr. Right. One of his most tragic moments is still back home, and it’s still buried in his heart, and he wonders if it will ever heal. Not all the characters are likeable, but then again, the reader may love to hate them. I wanted to take my readers on a journey through the main character surrounded by a cast of friendly and not-so-friendly people. My favourite character is Elliot because although he comes across as vulnerable, he also demonstrates moments of strength and courage. The characters in this book will make the reader cry, scream with anger but will also experience love through the eyes of Elliot.


What is your next project?

My next project is a story about two relationships that takes place in different cities. It is the story of two teenagers, Greg and Tyler, from different religious backgrounds who meet at a hockey match and the story of Neil and Trevor, who works for the same employer. The common thread between these two relationships is religion. The strain it brings into a family when the parents discover that their son is gay. The toxic environment that is created because of unacceptance and intolerance. The lies a person feeds themselves to cover their real self to please everyone. This story will talk about what conversion therapy does to a person and what a religious parent will do to have their child conform to the norm and stop sinning. How social media is used to manipulate the truth and expose people’s secrets. This story is about love, friendship, hate and people being manipulated. The title of it will be “The sins of our sons.”


When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

I was in my late teens. I remember writing movie scripts and dialogue in my teens with the hope of making a homemade movie with my father’s Bell and Howell moviemaker. Writing is an extension of me, what I think, what I’d like to say. I’m an introvert, so writing gives me a voice to expose my emotions and expose my caring side. What I love about writing is the freedom to express myself, convey a story and touch people. I always wanted to be a writer but did not make the time for it because of my full-time work and other obligations. In the last three years, I finally made the time to fulfill this passion of mine.


Elaborate on the things that you edited out of this book, or that was originally planned but changed once you started writing.

The change came after I was editing the book. I wrote a scene, and after reading, it didn’t add anything to the story or didn’t seem plausible. The scene had one of the main characters at a crime scene. While talking to the police, I had an EMT noticed the tattoo on this character’s arm, but it would have been too dark for anyone to make the tattoo out on a dim-lit street, and the EMT’s attention would have been with the patient. Also, having kept that scene, it could have been misinterpreted as an enigmatic clue. So I remove the whole scene from the story.



I got back home a few hours later. “Hi, I’m back,” I said. As I headed towards my room, my father asked me to join him in the living room. I did.


My father was sitting in his chair with my mother by his side. Something didn’t look right.

“Are you a homosexual?” my father asked calmly but sternly as he turned my laptop around. I hadn’t even noticed it there.

My worst nightmare was staring at me. Ah, shit. “How come my laptop is down here?” I asked.

“I asked you a question,” my father said.

My eyes started darting around as if looking for a place to hide, but I finally looked at my father and answered, “I don’t know.”

“This is a sin!” my father yelled, slamming the laptop shut. He approached me, pointing his finger at me. “This behaviour stops now, you hear? I will not have a sinner in my house! We didn’t bring you up like this, and no son of mine will partake in such disgusting, perverted activities! If you don’t change, I will send you to conversion therapy.”

I looked at my mother for some support or compassion, but she stood there and did nothing. My father stormed outside and slammed the door behind him.

“Mom,” I said, “I’m sorry you had to find out this way.”

“You are a sinner,” she said, slapping me across the face. “You are a disgrace to this family. I would rather have a criminal for a son than a pervert. If you want to remain part of this family, you will cease this deviant behaviour immediately; otherwise, I want you out of this house.”

“Mom, please… Don’t say that. It’s not my fault. I tried to resist these feelings. Believe me, I tried.” My eyes were starting to tear up.

“You didn’t try hard enough,” she said.

“This is how God made me, Mom. I can’t change that.”

Her eyes became dark, and her pupils dilated, “Don’t you take the lord’s name in vain! Why do you insist on hurting us like this?”

“I don’t want to hurt you! Do you think this is to hurt you?”

“Liar!” Her face was so close to mine that I could smell her breath. Then she walked out.

I ran outside, slammed the door behind me, and sat on the front steps, trembling. I couldn’t stop sobbing. I called Chad and asked him if I could crash at his place.

“What happened?” Chad asked.

“My parents found out I was gay! They saw the video on my laptop. The things they said to me were so hurtful. I can’t live here anymore! All that matters to them is what the bible says! They’re ready to throw me out! I don’t mean anything to them!”

“Calm down,” Chad said. “I’ll come to pick you up. Pack your things.”

I went inside, grabbed all that would fit in my duffle bag, and stormed back outside to wait for Chad. I didn’t bother telling my parents where I was going; they wouldn’t care anyway. Chad drove up the driveway, I got in, and we left.

“What did you tell your parents?”

“I told them what you told me,” Chad said.

“Are they cool with me coming over?”

“Yes, they’re fine with it. How are you holding up?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t know what to think. I feel so ashamed.”

“Don’t. It’s not your fault.” As we pulled up the driveway to his house, Chad suggested that I see a school counsellor next week. “Maybe they can help.”

“Yeah, maybe. Thanks for everything,” I said.

As we walked in, Chad’s parents met us at the door. His mom said, “Hi, Elliott, welcome. I want you to feel comfortable here. Consider this your home now. Chad told us a bit of what happened, and we’re so sorry you had to live that.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Hardwicke.

“Come, I’ll show you your room,” Chad said as we walked up the stairs. “Rest up. If you need anything, I’m just across the hall. It will be alright, I promise.” Chad hugged me and went back downstairs.

I sat on the bed, hunched over with my head in my hands, rocking. “What am I suppose to do now? Am I such a bad person?”

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Hi, I’m Dan Bougie, I write under the pen name Kristian Daniels. I’m a Canadian author and I’ve been writing shorts stories for fun since I was twelve years old but only wrote my first novel just recently. I’m a dreamer therefore coming up with a story line comes easy for me.

Here is a bit of background for you. Out of High School I went on to study Fashion Design and work for an Ottawa designer for two years as an apprentice. To nurture my artistic side, I enrolled in ballet and jazz classes and became a member of a local theatre group that staged mostly musicals and had the chance to put my dance classes to work and to show the actor side of me.

I love writing and telling stories. I’m inspired by what I read, I hear and by what other the LGBTQ+ community has gone and is still going through. Being part of this community myself, I’d like to change societies perception of who we are. To let the new generation know that it’s okay to love who you want, it’s okay to be who you are and not be who somebody else wants you to be or act.

With my new novel “Stolen Heart” I tell the story of a young man who grew up in a small community and spends his youth being someone else. Life changes for him when he leaves for university. He is surrounded by loving and not so loving people.

My other passions

I love music. I listen to music all day, if I’m not working. My preference is today’s music, music they did twenty years ago which today’s young artists remake. Music is my motivator for staying fit, I exercise either with music blasting in my home gym or with my ear buds when I’m out walking. I was a fitness instructor and owned a fitness studio and create upbeat and fun fitness classes for my clients.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and my two dogs, and my husband and I try to get away at least twice a year somewhere in the Caribbean.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and the adventures of my characters as much as I enjoyed creating them. Remember, Love is Love, no matter who you Love. God bless and Thank you for your visit. Hope to see you again here soon.

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