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Trigger Warnings:
dubcon/noncon, drug use, and more! Please read the warning inside the book.
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This is an ongoing series, with temporary resolutions at the end of each, along with a few cliffhangers

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Birds Of A Feather series by Rain Carrington

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Rain Carrington
11 April 2021
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Will Robin ever find the love he’s been denied his entire life?

Coming from wealth but neglected emotionally, Robin Pavasaris flies to Connecticut, in search of what he’d missed all his life. The love of a parent.

What he got, however, was a wicked stepmother that would rival those in fairy tales and a father succumbed to guilt, silent as he watches his son hurt by another mother figure. Filip Pavasaris is helpless to act. In fact, Robin fears he’ll have no ally in the huge, cold manor.

That’s until his half-brother, Alex, comes home from graduate school. The first time they see one another, it was like Robin had found every dream he hadn’t known he had. Then, he learns their relation and his heart is sore once again.

It doesn’t matter, however, as Alex takes Robin under his wing, teaching him how to survive in the home. The more time they spend together, the more Robin fears he’s falling for his own brother. On top of that, he can never let anyone at Dove’s Landing know he’s gay. Their religion wouldn’t allow a gay son, and he’d lose the millions his mother coveted from his trust fund.

A confession and a kiss breaks everything apart, and Robin runs for his life, and from his heartbreak.

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Guest Post By Rain Carrington

Meet The Characters of Robin by Rain Carrington


  1. Robin Pavasaris- The main character of the book and series. He is a young man of eighteen when the story begins, and we learn much about him right off the bat. He’s got a mother that ignores his existence until she blackmails him in a really nasty way to try to get his trust fund early from his billionaire father. He thinks he’s in love, but the boyfriend he has is part of the blackmail, so he experiences his very first heartbreak early on. He’s got some depression issues that are totally understandable, being the people he’s surrounded by, and yet he’s got a good heart, and he holds onto hope well, despite life constantly interfering with his happiness.


  1. Alex Pavasaris- Alexandras, to be exact, is Robin’s half-brother, whom he’s never met until he goes to visit his father during the summer after his senior year. Of everyone in the home, Alex doesn’t buy into the family’s religious zealotry, their obsession with money or their way of treating others like they’re insignificant. He is Robin’s only ally in the home, and Alex tries to warn him against trusting anyone, himself included.


  1. Preston Crowley- Preston is the typical trust fund kid. He drives a fast car, calls people by silly nicknames like sport and preppy. He parties too much, cares little about school or being proper. How he is uncommon, however, is the fact that he knows he is money hungry, a snob and a mess-up. He becomes Robin’s close friend, helping him to navigate the life of a rich kid in their area of Connecticut, and in turn, takes some of Robin’s love of life instead of money, his wish for better for others instead of just himself.


  1. Filip Pavasaris- Filip is the father of Robin and Alex, and the oldest son, Mykolas. He left his first wife, Regina to marry Robin’s mother, Chelsea, causing a scandal in their town that was still whispered about behind their backs. Staying with Chelsea briefly, he went back to his first wife and went on to live a life of penance, his head down and letting his wife run every part of their lives with just a simple nod from him. He’s obviously miserable, but the mystery of why he left the wife he loved, how things are always done behind his back, and why he drinks alone in a room on the third floor, when liquor isn’t’ allowed in the house are some of the mysteries that will be slowly solved over the course of the series.


  1. Luis Burgos- Luis works for the Pavasaris family, caring for their horses on the island of Dove’s Landing, the island the family owns. When we first meet Luis, he is having sex in the stables with Preston, and takes an instant dislike to Robin, only because he fears the religious Pavasaris family will learn from him of Luis’ sexuality. As the book goes on, we find out that Luis and Alex were best friends, having been in love in their youth, and Luis may hold on to that love, despite Alex moving on from the romance. He’s got a major role in book two, and will come to be the best ally Alex could ever dream of having.



Robin Pavasaris was hurrying to the den near his room where Troy waited, ready to give him his lessons for the day and something else. Troy was tall and handsome, in a geeky way, but still, Robin thought he was perfect. Not to mention he loved the guy.

Their affair had started months previous, right around his eighteenth birthday. Troy and he had flirted for the last couple years of Troy’s employment as his tutor, but he told Robin he could do nothing about it, since Robin was underage. Once Robin hit that magic, invisible marker, they’d kissed, made love, and since then, the lessons had been cut short in favor of spending hours in bed instead.

When he got into the room, there he was, his boyfriend. Well, technically he wasn’t allowed to call Troy that. Officially, he was Robin’s tutor, but he could have his secret.

“Hey,” he purred.

“Shh. Close the door,” Troy chided. After Robin did just that, he rushed to the table in the middle of the room, the big glass and chrome desk pushed to the back of the room near the oversized windows and sat close to Troy.

After a fast kiss on Troy’s succulent lips, Robin whispered, “I missed you.”

Troy was light skinned and marked with a thousand freckles, and Robin was in love with every single one of them. “Stop horsing around, Robin. You have three finals coming up and if you fail, your mother will kill me. She has to show your grades to your father.”

“I know, but I concentrate so much better after we…you know.”

Robin was terribly shy, but with Troy, he felt he could let his hair down a little. Not that his actual hair could be let down, as short as it was, never growing over the tops of his ears, like his mother liked it. The sandy blond color came from his father, as Chelsea’s was strict black, but he did inherit her cat-green eyes.

“Not now,” Troy told him, impatient. “Work first, and if we have time…then we’ll fuck.”

“Don’t say it like that,” Robin pleaded, his romantic sensibilities unable to see anything they were doing as less than the purest form of adoration.

“Fine. We can make love. Get that book open. I already have your assignments lined out from the website.”

After a long sigh of disappointment, Robin set his mind to task, wanting to do what he had to, to make Troy happy.

He didn’t care much if his grades suffered. He’d always been a straight-A student, so if his grades flagged some, it wouldn’t hurt him much. He’d been accepted into a top college, several, in fact, all far from home so he’d never have to visit if he didn’t want to.

The pages of the book were a blur as he read fast, taking in at least most of the information. He studied in his room at night, and thought he was likely ready for his finals, but he’d never disappoint Troy.

“Okay, finish up with that, study those last four pages, they’re big on the exam, then let’s get to trig.”

“Ugh. I hate trig. I have to think too much.”

He finally got laughter from Troy. “I used to say the same thing. It’ll all come in handy once you get to college.” He softened more and asked, “Are you excited? To go?”

“Yes. Very. I still hope you can come with me.”

“I live here, Robin. You need to go, start your life.”

Like every time he said things like that, Robin’s heart squeezed painfully, and he felt tears springing to his eyes, that he quickly blinked away. “You’re…you’re part of my life, Troy.”

“Right now, I am. Robin, I said we’ll talk about this stuff later. Okay?”

Time felt like it was ticking louder and louder in his head, his heart beating right along with it, faster and faster, until he felt like he couldn’t breathe. “It’s always later, Troy, and this is it! There is no more later! I’m going away after the summer and we’ll… we might never see each other again!”

Troy took his face into both hands and stopped Robin’s tirade with a kiss. At first, Robin tried to pull back from the kiss, but like always, Troy’s warmth, the most warmth he’d gotten from another human in his life, won over his pain. He let himself be kissed, tilting his head and letting his breathing finally slow.

When the kiss ended, Troy’s saliva drying on Robin’s lips, he was again lulled into a sense of love and need. “Let’s get back to work, and I promise, Robin, we’ll talk soon.”

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I love writing, it's been my dream for many years, and in October of 2013, when my first book went live on Amazon, that dream came true.

Writing love stories that are centered on flawed but lovable characters is my passion. Finding love between people isn't easy, nor should it be. Even in a book, there have to be obstacles for the story to feel real.

I am a mother of three amazing people, and three adorable fur babies. I live in Colorado but love many other places besides my home. One state in particular is New Mexico, the state where I was born has always held a place in my heart.

People and places make my stories what they are. Each character I've written is a part of me in some way. Each place I write is as well. Adventures come in many ways, and each of my stories has taken me on an adventure that I treasure.

Come with me on my adventures and fall in love with my characters, as I have. I promise, you will love the ride.

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