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Love at the Haven Series by Stella Shaw

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Stella Shaw
11 February 2021
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A gift of a man for one night. The promise of so much more.


When Rick Thatcher’s beloved aunt leaves him the run-down Haven Hotel, he’s amazed to find a group of young men running an escorting business out of it. Intrigued and impressed, he allows them to stay. But sacrifices have to be made to keep the hotel running. The hotel is always short of funds, and the guys… they’re sexy, they’re fun, they’re loyal friends. But they can also be a bunch of trouble. Rick has no time left for romance.


Until the night Eliot Walker arrives at the Haven, naïve but brave, looking to discover what it’s like to be an openly gay man at last. He wants to spend the night with a man, one who can excite and guide him. But an escort? He’s nervous of what he’ll find.


He finds Rick. Just the kind of man he’d choose to have his first experiences with, if it was possible. And from Rick’s point of view – on this one special night, and for this one special man he can’t take his eyes off – why shouldn’t it be?


If only this could be more than one night. But their potential happiness and the Haven’s security may already be under serious threat.

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“How’s your week been?” I asked my companion.

He gave a half-smile, as if he knew I was trying to put him at his ease, yet he was grateful for the small talk.

“It’s been crap. That’s why I’m here, actually. I didn’t want to go straight home after work tonight.”

I murmured in an understanding way and carefully put both my hands on the top of the bar, fingers spread. I was inviting him into conversation. Didn’t want to look grabby.

“Do you know what you want, instead? Are you ready to talk about it?”

His laugh was more of a bark. “Do I still look like I’m confused?”

Yes, I thought, but didn’t say. “It’s just that I find it’s better to be frank. Practicality clears the air. Lets us all know where we are.”

“Practical. Yes. I guess that’s what this place is. What the whole… thing… is.”

I nodded again. Because it was.

He took a slow breath and seemed to settle. “Well. I’d like someone experienced.”

“Most of us are.”

“Oh. God, yes, I’m sure. I mean, someone who’s mature. Calm about it all. I’m not looking for melodrama. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

God, he was gorgeous. So serious, so sensible, talking about what his body needed, what he might be craving. His gaze was steady, but the flicker in his eyes was incendiary. So bloody needy, even if he didn’t admit it to himself.

“Any preference as to age? Looks? Ethnicity? Build?”

He swallowed. His gaze ran quickly, guiltily over my forearms. I’d rolled up my sleeves while I was helping Arne in the kitchen earlier, and never bothered to smarten myself up again. My muscles were thick, I knew. I was proud of them. But I’d loomed over him as we walked into the bar, like some hulking bear beside a more graceful, fragile creature. My hands must be half again the size of his.

“Well, maybe,” he said, his voice low. “Someone who will… Oh, shit.”

“Just say it. You can’t shock anyone here, believe me.”

“Someone who’ll spend time with me. I know what I want to happen, but…”

“You’d like some courting.”

“What an old-fashioned word. But, yeah.” He looked ridiculously relieved. “I haven’t… well, that’s a kind way of putting it.”

“We don’t throw you on a bed and ravage you,” I said, but gently, so I hoped he saw the joke. “Unless you ask for it, of course.”

He chuckled. “I know. I mean, someone told me this was a safe space. A place I’d be understood.”

I’d have to find out who recommended us to this lovely young man. They deserved thanks.

“As I said before, you’re the client,” I continued. “You can ask as much or as little as you like. We follow your instructions.”

“You do?” There was another spark of lightning in those winter-wind eyes. “And the escort is my choice?”

“Yes, of course. You can have all that, everything you described. The Haven can give you that.”

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Exclusive Excerpt


I hadn’t realised how much time had passed.

London rarely slept completely, but when I next padded back from the toilet, the traffic noises outside the hotel window had eased, and the sky was dark. Lights from the Earls Court streets, and traffic on its way into London’s entertainment centre, winked in reflection on the window. A siren sounded in the distance.

Back to reality.

Yet although my legs were shaky and there was an awkward twinge in my lower back muscles—which told me I should’ve gone more often to the gym this month—I’d never felt so fantastic.

Rick yawned and stirred when I perched on the edge of the bed, his body half covered by a crumpled sheet. “You okay?”

Did he want me to leave now? It had to be near midnight, and the end of my session. The Tube ran all night out to my flat. Or I could get an Uber. Or my stupid head could shut the fuck up, and I could maybe snatch a few more minutes in bed, being cradled by the warmth of Rick’s hard, muscular, hairy, fabulously-male body.

“Sorry, I think I took a nap,” I joked. “I was having a hell of a dream.” I’d never have imagined I could laugh in the middle of this situation, not before today.

Rick chuckled too, and the mattress bounced beneath us. “No problem. Sounds similar to mine.” And he pulled me easily back against him.

I only had him for this evening. It had been a great time, a bloody epiphany, if I was honest. But it was sobering, too. I wasn’t worried that Rick hadn’t enjoyed this as much as I did—there’d been no doubting the sounds he made, the reaction of his body, the orgasms that had ripped through him alongside mine. But…

It was time to go, before he had the embarrassment of having to move me on. I sat up again and swung my legs off the bed. “I’ll be off now.”

There was a short, awkward pause, then Rick said. “Feel free to take a proper shower. Towels are in the cupboard beside the bath.” When I stood, he added, “I’ll show you back down to Reception afterwards.”

“No, I’ve had a wash. I’ll have another shower at home. And I can find my own way downstairs. It’s fine.” I started to pull my clothes back on. He needed time to clean up the room, didn’t he? Maybe someone else would use it tomorrow. Maybe someone else would use… Rick.

Shit. Enough of that. Fully dressed, I turned to face him. The sleepily-staring, still-naked, fantastically sexy him.

“I can’t thank you enough,” I said.

“You have,” he said slowly. There was an odd twist to his mouth. Not quite happy, not quite pained.

“Even so, I’m glad I had you.”


Fuck, this was still awkward. But I didn’t seem to want to let go. “You’re gorgeous, Rick. I’m thrilled you were available when I arrived. And that you wanted me in return.”

He shook his head almost impatiently. “Eliot. I wanted you the minute you walked into the lobby.”

I so wanted to believe that, but I suspected there was a typical script the escorts followed. “I’m rambling.”

Rick sat up slowly. A small frown came and went. “No. You’re adorable. Sexy.”

“Oh please.” I smiled, though.

“And a fucking tiger in bed.”

He was grinning at my blushes as I left the room, my shirt feeling too tight, my shoes too heavy on my feet.

It seemed a long way back down to the exit.



Stella Shaw is the penname for an author of MM romance. Her new Rent Boy Romance series: Love at the Haven launched in January 2021.

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