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Harmony of Hearts

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Individual Stories
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Sarayashi Publishing
17 February 2023
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Sal and Haverford are forced to live together, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it. Sparks fly between them, but will it lead to love?

Sal Henrik

Coming home from a world tour early to find out my roommate sublet my room sucks. But being forced to share my room with the most annoying attorney on the planet? I’d rather launch myself into the sun, thanks.

Since that’s not an option, and I refuse to be chased out of my own room, I have to suck it up and share a bed with my enemy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I discover Haverford is a secret cuddlebug—and worst of all, I don’t hate it.

If he insists on staying in my space and making me delicious dinners, he has no one to blame but himself for making me fall in love with him, right?

Haverford Delaroche

My peaceful subletting situation is thrown into total chaos when Sal comes home early. We start as enemies, but I begrudgingly develop a fondness for his fiery tenacity. That doesn’t excuse me waking up every morning to discover I’m cuddling him like my favorite teddy bear, though.

But when it feels like he was made for me to hold, how can I resist falling for Sal when he’s everything I didn’t know I needed?

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Chapter 1: Sal Henrik

If I didn’t get some sleep soon, I was going to burn the world down. Staggering into my apartment at four in the morning after a thirty-seven-hour flight from hell, I dropped all my shit in the living room and headed straight to my pitch-black bedroom.

There wasn’t any point in turning on a light when I was three seconds away from crashing in my bed I had dearly missed while being on the road for our international tour.

I stripped on the way before crawling under the sheets. Exhaling a heavy sigh as I closed my eyes, I melted into a boneless puddle, more than ready for sleep to claim me for the night.

“Is there some reason you’re in my bed?”

My eyes flew open as I startled back with a noise of shock from the sound of a man’s voice that did not belong to my roommate. In the darkness, I could see the faint outline of a person next to me I had somehow missed earlier. My heart jumped into my throat as I fumbled for the lamp on my nightstand. In true me-fashion, all I did was knock the stupid thing onto the floor and break it.

The stranger sat up with a sigh and turned on the other bedside table lamp. I squinted against the sudden brightness. My mind reeled at the sight of a gorgeous god of a man in my bed.

Whereas my reaction was one of fear, he didn’t seem the least bit unsettled, which was amazing, considering I’d woken him up. He ran his fingers through the black hair that framed his face, looking freshly tousled by a good fuck that gave me dirty thoughts. The sheets dipped low, making me realize we were both naked. That really didn’t help me think thoughts that weren’t about fucking.

The man appeared to be older than me by quite a few years. His flinty gray eyes watched me with an intensity that made my heart pound. His handsome face had an annoyed frown on it as he studied me with disdain. “Again, I’ll ask: is there some reason you’re in my bed?”

My fear morphed into rage. “Your bed? What are you talking about? The better question is, what the hell are you doing in my bed?”

I may have been deeply flustered by the appearance of the naked stranger, but he was almost infuriatingly cool, calm, and collected. “I refuse to argue semantics with you at this ridiculous hour. Remove yourself from my presence at once.”

What kind of asshole used the word “semantics” at four in the morning? His authoritative tone rankled me. Who did this guy think he was? A prince who could order me around as if I was a peon?

My stubborn streak asserted itself. “I’m not going anywhere! If anything, I should call the cops and have you arrested for breaking and entering!”

“I have done no such thing.” He narrowed his eyes in a warning glare that made my heart skip a beat for all the wrong reasons. Damn him for being so attractive! “You seem to suffer from the delusion that I’m a trespasser when you’re the one who broke into my room.”

My temper flared as I raised my voice. I did not need that type of bullshit before 5:00 a.m. after a hard day of travel on the heels of a long world tour. All I wanted to do was sink into dreams. “Because I live here!”

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Chapter 2: Haverford Delaroche


“Can I help?” Sal asked.

The offer surprised me. I decided to be gracious. “If you want to slice the onion, that would be great.”

“I can do that.” By the time I finished with the bacon, he was done cutting the vegetable.

“Thanks.” I threw the onions into the pan to caramelize them. “Once these are done, I’ll start the burgers next. If you want to do drinks then, that would be a tremendous help.”

He nodded as he took a seat at the kitchen table and watched me. “Well, at least if you’re cooking onions, I know you aren’t planning on kissing me.”

I glanced over my shoulder at him. “Was that something you were worried about?”

The blush on his cheeks reappeared. “No, not really.”

I wasn’t about to let the matter go. “Then why bring it up?”

Sal looked at me with a challenge in his blue eyes. “How often do you share a bed with a man you aren’t kissing?” While it could be irritating, I at least respected that he didn’t back down.

“Fair enough.” I returned my attention to cooking. “You can rest at ease. I have no intention of ever kissing you.”

Rude.” He sounded offended for some reason.

I turned to look over at him again. “I’m sorry. Do you want me to kiss you?”

No,” he peevishly denied. “But you should at least be a little tempted. I’m cute enough.”

I couldn’t resist playing devil’s advocate. “Unless I’m straight. Then it doesn’t matter how cute you are.”

“Bullshit. If you were straight, you wouldn’t be this cool about sharing a bed with a naked gay man. My point still stands.”

The corner of my lips turned up into a grin. “Then I guess that explains why you want me to desire kissing you.”

“Quit twisting my words! That’s not what I said,” he muttered with a scowl.

It was too fun to push his buttons. “If you tempted me, would it make you feel better about being attracted to me?”

His outrage was comical. “I am not attracted to you!”

“The way your eyes roamed over my body while I was changing says differently.”

“Ugh, I would never be attracted to an arrogant know-it-all like you.” He could protest all he wanted, but his flushed cheeks betrayed him.

“Right, that’s why you were practically salivating at the sight of my ass in these sweatpants.”

“Just because you have a great ass and obviously work out doesn’t mean I want to get on my knees for you.” His concession gratified my ego.

The mental picture of him kneeling before me, his blue eyes full of fire, while his plump lips opened to let my cock slide into his mouth, stirred my interest. Gagging him on my manhood would certainly be an enjoyable method of shutting up all his annoying protests. But those were thoughts I definitely didn’t need to be having.

“Duly noted.”



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