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All Access

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Jaiyde Thomas
14 February 20223
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When trauma leaves you unable to trust anyone including yourself, how do you cope?

Welcome to All Access, a new BDSM club that promotes inclusivity. When you step through these doors, you are bound to find equality, acceptance, and even… love.


For the past year all I’ve known is heartbreak, and going to All Access was supposed to be a distraction from the pain. However, when I see my former play partner happy and in love, I flee the club, vowing never to return.

Leaving Ohio and travelling to Alabama for a few days should help me to clear my head and help me to forget, but no amount of beautiful scenery, hot men, and southern accents could prepare me for what awaited me at the hardcore BDSM club, Flame of Fury.

When I wake to find myself in my hotel room, I’m reeking of vomit and in extreme pain. Nothing makes sense, except for the vaguely familiar man who promises to never leave my side, even after I tell him what I remember.

As I try to put my life back together, Stephen’s loyalty, belief, and kindness never wavers, but can I trust him after all that I’ve endured?


I’ve never allowed my blindness to hinder me, and that includes my sex life. As a Dominant, my primary goal is to fulfill the needs of my play partners.

When a heartbroken submissive asks for a scene, my instincts are on alert as I agree, but after ten spankings, Colin flees, and I’m left wondering about the boy with an ache in my heart.

A year later All Access opens, and I’m excited by the prospect of a club that caters to the disabled. More than that, I’m hoping to see Colin again. However, my joy is short-lived, because Colin is in trouble. When I see him respond to an ad that screams DANGER, I refuse to wait around. With a friend in tow I set out to rescue him, but we find him too late: He’s bruised, battered, and alone.

His injuries and trauma are too much for him to bear so I agree to help him through it, but as altruism turns into guiding, nurturing, and training, I can’t help but wonder about the future.

But can I be what Colin needs after all that he’s endured?

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Plot or Pants?  Do you pre-plot your books, use an outline, fly by the seat of your pants or some combination of things?  How do you keep track of characters in a series?  Do you keep a journal of your characters statistics, such as hair and eye color, relatives, hometown, etc.

I am a plotter who also uses an outline. When I start working on a new book, I start by brainstorming the setting, characters, and plot. I have separate documents for each of the main characters where I jot down everything from their full name and hair/eye color to their favorite music and food/beverages. I also include their internal and external conflicts.

Next, I work through the plot. When I’m planning out a new book, I have a general idea of what I want to happen, but it’s not fleshed out. I’ve recently started writing out what will happen in each chapter up to chapter 20. By that point, I should be able to move forward with writing without needing to figure out where I’m going next.

Tell us about your first published gay fiction/romance 

Claim Me, Love Me is a story about finding yourself, acceptance, and finding and accepting love. Caleb is a homosexual man who is in the closet due to a horrific incident he witnessed in middle school, and Josaiah is a Dominant who has walled himself off from any type of affection. This book features a character with a disability, which I am very passionate about. I enjoyed writing these two characters, and their growth throughout the book is amazing to see.

and then your most recent one…

A Destined Christmas Miracle was inspired by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams’ book, Make Me Soar. ADCM is about healing after a trauma, trusting the hand that guides and nurtures you, and finding love. Colin is a heartbroken submissive who is looking for love in all of the wrong places, and Stephen is a Dominant who has been wondering about the lost boy for a year now. Their story will make you feel so many emotions, but their growth throughout the story is astounding. My favorite part of writing these two was the therapy sessions, which is where you will see most of their growth. This book also includes blind characters.

Something people would be surprised to know about you…

I am partially blind. For me, this means that I have light perception in my left eye, which means that when the light is on in my room or when the sun’s out, I can see it, but besides that, I can’t see a thing. I write about blind characters because I’ve been blind since birth, and it’s what I know.

Which character still pops into your mind to visit from time to time?

Under another pen name, Kelanie Black, I write BDSM erotic romance. My last book in The Red Lair series, Blind and Broken, featured a blind Dominant who was an alcoholic. I find myself thinking about him, or he’ll just pop into my mind randomly, and I get sad because of all that he had to endure.

What’s the hardest part about writing M/M romance or erotica?

I find the hardest part about writing m/m romance is describing facial expressions, certain colors, etc. Since I’ve never seen colors or people’s faces, it’s hard to find the right words to visually describe something. I recall descriptions from other books I’ve read, and I try to use what I remember to help me.

How can we connect with you?

Find me by clicking the following link:


What made you decide gay romance was the genre you wanted to write?

My friend asked me to beta read her novel, and at first, I was hesitant. I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I started reading, I knew I had found a new favorite genre. I couldn’t put the book down! Since then, I was hooked, and I even tried my hand at writing a gay romance story. It was well received and is still talked about today. That feedback really helped me to want to write my own book as well as reading other gay romance authors.

Where do you find inspiration?

A lot of my inspiration comes from experiences that I’ve had. Most times though, I draw inspiration from other books, TV shows, and my own imagination.

What is your favorite thing about writing gay romance?

If I’m honest, writing sex scenes is one of my favorite parts! I like detailed sex scenes, ones that capture the emotions and the sex all at once.

I also enjoy watching the characters overcome the obstacles that were put in their way. I like seeing the growth of the characters, and as long as they get a happily ever after, I’m happy!




I smiled at the young man with a gold earring in his ear as he attached a wristband to my arm. They signified ranking: mine was blue, which told men I was a bottom. I scanned the bar’s main area, watching men in various activities. Sensuously groping one another in dark areas of the bar, making out, their eyes only for each other, grinding slowly to the Trey Songz song that pulsed from the speakers.

I closed my eyes as my mind wandered to the last time Josaiah and I were here. I was carrying him out of the bar, his body heavy, not just from his weight, but because of the alcohol he had consumed. I had watched as he downed glass after glass of something or other, his hands and mouth greedily taking what he wanted from multiple men.

I could hear my ragged breathing in my ears and opened my eyes. I swiftly walked to the bar, hoisted myself onto a stool, and waited patiently for the bartender, Joey, to serve me. Maybe I’ll order something strong. It’s not like I am getting fucked tonight. Although on second thought, if I were to get fucked, a non-alcoholic beverage would keep my head clear so that I could remember the experience.

“Yo, man. What can I get for you?”

“A water, please.” Suddenly, I felt like I was going to cry, and the cold beverage would help keep the tears at bay.

“I haven’t seen you since you carried Jo outta here. How is he?” he asked as he filled a cup with ice.

I lowered my eyes, a lump the size of a golf ball forming in my throat.

Please, don’t cry, not here!

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yes,” I said softly as I took the glass from him, the coldness from the ice cooling my now warm hands. I took a long swig, set the glass on the bar, and regarded Joey. I shook my head. “I’m not sure how he’s doing.”

“Oooh, trouble in paradise?” He looked at me expectantly, awaiting my answer, but I turned my head.

It’s none of your business.

“Okay, so you don’t wanna talk? Why are you here then? You look like you’ve had one helluva week. Want something stronger?”

I dropped my head into my hands, not wanting to divulge the pain, hurt, and anger that I felt. Inhaling deeply to calm myself, I turned back toward him and shook my head.

“Suit yourself,” he muttered as he walked away to serve other patrons.

Sipping on my water, I watched the men. Some wore practically nothing while others wore leather outfits, the material hugging their muscles and curves just right. I tore my eyes away as I watched a twink with a nose ring on his knees, his Dominant’s hand tousling his hair as he reached to fasten a play collar around his neck. I squeezed my eyes shut again, wishing with all my might that I could just forget BDSM altogether.

After meeting Josaiah, I did a little more research into the subject and the different implements used for pain and pleasure. It seemed everywhere I looked, something jarred a memory or a thought of the lifestyle, and I hated it so much! Maybe it was a mistake coming back here. Slamming my glass down on the bar, I raised my hand. One more drink, and I’ll leave. I could feel the tension building in my shoulders.

“Joey!” I snapped, not caring about my tone of voice.

“What’s up?” His eyes were searching my face, concern evident in his expression.

“Another glass of water, please,” I huffed, avoiding his gaze and looked at the patrons surrounding the bar.

Most men were engaged in conversation, but others were eating, drinking, and laughing loudly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man sitting alone at the far-left corner of the bar, and I snickered. His hair is fucking purple!

I focused on his body language: how his folded, hairy arms rested on the bar, his long fingers tapped the glass that he was holding, and he seemed oblivious to the men ogling him.

Why am I looking at other men? I knew that Josaiah and I were over, and he had betrayed me, but I still felt a tug in my heart when I thought about him. Maybe this was a mistake. All I had wanted was to get away from my thoughts of Josaiah, and just be in the moment.

Jaycee’s Saloon was where I used to come and unwind after a long week, getting fucked and sucked, but now all it held were memories, both good and bad. There was nothing left for me here. As I stood to go, I took one last glance at the guy with the purple hair. He seemed not to notice anything around him.

I walked a few steps in his direction to get a better view. Holy fuck! He was hotter up close, the muscles in his arms and back taut, his hair combed back making it appear smooth, his face shaven and clean. I licked my lips and walked closer to the man. I stopped as he turned toward me. He raised his face in my direction, and I couldn’t take my eyes off his. He didn’t look at me directly, and his eyes were cloudy.

Inhaling deeply, I stepped back and squeezed my lips together. He’s blind, could he know Josaiah?


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Jaiyde Thomas is a lover of words and languages. Though her heart is in Alabama, she was born and raised in Ohio. Her first experience with gay romance was when she offered to beta read her friend's novel. Since then, she's been hooked on the genre. Her inspirations are Gianni Holmes, K. C. Wells, and Parker Williams, and their books are the reason why Jaiyde started writing.
She loves a good story with complex characters, steamy sex scenes, and happily ever afters.

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