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Violence, torture, mentions of past abuse, mentions of past sexual assault (nothing on-page), claustrophobia (you can skip chapter nine if you’re worried about this one).

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The Magi Accounts

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Michele Notaro
12 June 2022
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As if crushin’ on a shifter wasn’t bad enough, I had to go and date one.

A mage and a shifter walk into a bar… No, that’s the whole joke.

Magi and shifters don’t mix, and yet I find myself in a relationship with Cosmo, a lion shifter. And on top of that, Cosmo, and all his pride members, consider my brothers and me to be a part of their pride. Three magi in a shifter pride. Who would’ve ever thought?

Navigating our connection while trying to figure out what’s going on in the world isn’t easy. Trusting that Cosmo means forever when he says it? Even harder. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned since meeting the Ono-Nais, it’s that taking a risk with my heart will be worth it to be a part of their lives.

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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Where to start this review?

As much as I loved book one (see my review here) and I did really love it.  Book two builds on the strong foundations of book 1, in every way.

We watch Madeo’s character grow so much and his defences slowly come down as his relationship with Cos grows.  But it is not just their relationship that has grown. The relationship between Madeo, Jude and Logan and the Cat Shifter pride, grows in multi directional ways.

The author continues to tease the reader with big hints that Jude, River and Kulani may be forming a strong bond between them.  And there is also the relationship between Charlie and Logan that seems toe be like the first buds of flowers.

It was good to see that their relationship with Harriet their Human captain forming and I have a feeling that this has an important part to play in the future books.

Aside from relationship / family building, this book also has a lot of action with battles with human Witches who are using dark magic to gain power at any cost, there is an intense battle which I have a feeling is only a taster of things to come.

We also get to see on page the cruel torture both physical and mentally that the magi’s endure.  Be warned that this scene may cause triggers for some people.  But I think it was important to show us readers just how cruel and barbaric the system is against Magi’s and to a lesser extent Shifters too.

I am not sure how the author does it, but they get the balance of happy and sad, light, and dark, as well as action scenes just right.

As with the first book, the characters are so real, and are strengthened even more as we get to see them in different situations.  I really liked seeing the supporting characters getting a little more page time too.  The bonding of the characters is highlighted in a funny scene where Madeo is caught singing about Kitty Cats, it had me chuckling for ages, and yes the song is stuck in my head now lol.

I especially like the portrayal of the pack mentality that totally includes the Magi’s, they are truly a team both at work and especially at home.  It is also nice to see an Alpha that is more like a father figure than an unapproachable leader that often happens in shifter stories.

If book one was the foundation of this amazing story, book two must be the first of many floors (hint to author I am thinking double figures).

There are three MM Paranormal / Fantasy authors that are in my must-read list and Michele Notaro has just joined them.

Not only will I be keeping an eye out for the next book in this series, but I really need to check out their back catalogue soon.


Sure enough, a minute later, I heard Cosmo bounding up the stairs. I knew it was him because of the way the bond around my heart reacted. The door burst open with way more force than necessary, and Cos rushed to me, dropping to his knees beside the bed and pulling me into a hug.

His arms were around my neck—avoiding my sensitive back—so I wrapped mine around his waist and realized he was shaking.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I whispered.

He tucked his face into the side of my neck and shook his head.

“Talk to me, honey.” I made a disgusted face at the endearment that accidentally came out of my mouth. But I didn’t take it back—progress.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Sure doesn’t seem that way to me.”

He sighed, nuzzled into me, and breathed deeply. “I needed to see you.”


“I’ve been… uh, worried.”

“Why? Did something happen at work?”

“No. I’ve just been worried… about you.”


He waited a beat. “That all you have to say?”

“Uh, yeah. Not sure what else there is to say.” I shrugged against him, then winced from my skin. Goddess, how long was it going to be sore?

“You could try making me feel better.”


“By admitting you missed me, too.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine. I might’ve missed you a teeny tiny bit. Like so miniscule it was hardly noticeable.”

He snorted. “Prickhole.”

I smiled and rubbed his back, then turned my face toward him so I spoke for his ears only since I knew Jude and River were eavesdropping. “I did miss you, you know.”


“Yeah, Cos, really.” I waited a few seconds. “You make the best pillow, and you’re so warm that I’ve been freezing since you left.”

He barked out a small laugh. “I can always count on you to keep me humble.”

I snorted, then gripped him tighter and tucked my face farther into him. “I do miss you when we’re apart, kitty cat.”

A small rumble started vibrating his chest, and I smiled as I sighed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw River and Jude walk out of the room, but I didn’t pay them any attention, not when I had a sweet and sexy lion in my arms.

Cos leaned back and captured my mouth with his, kissing me as tenderly as he held me, and I let him. Sometimes his gentleness was almost painful in its sweetness, but it was a hurt I wanted to feel.

His tongue caressed mine, taking its time and exploring my mouth like we had all the time in the world. It made my heart race and my chest warm and my belly fill with a thousand butterflies all at the same time.

When he broke the kiss, he nudged my nose with his, smiling when I opened my eyes, and he whispered, “Hi.”

I blinked a few times, staring at those golden eyes. “Hi.”

He pressed a lingering kiss to my lips before meeting my gaze again. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.”

“Really? Or is this one of those times when you’re acting like you’re okay even though you’re not?”

I scowled at him. “I said I’m fine, which means I’m fine.”

He gave me another peck.

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When I woke up, I was on my stomach with my face stuffed in Cosmo’s ribs, and he was running his fingers through my hair again. I was really starting to love that.

“Was your nap okay?” Cos whispered.

I grunted, and he chuckled.

“Well, when you’re done smelling my armpit, we can go get some food.”

I wrinkled my nose and scooted back, grumbling. “I wasn’t smelling your armpit—that’s disgusting.”

He laughed and leaned over to kiss my forehead. “I didn’t know that was your kink, but I guess you’re welcome to it anytime you want.”

A reluctant laugh came out of me, and I pushed him. “Shut up. Gross.”

“You’re so not good at comebacks when you’re tired.”

“I need coffee,” I agreed.

“You’ll be up all night if you drink it now.”

I waved him away and rolled to my side so I could look at him more easily. “Sorry I fell asleep.”

“You told me you were using me as a pillow. Pretty sure I knew your intentions.”

I snorted. “It’s not like I planned it.”


I smacked his chest, but he caught my hand and brought it up to his lips to place a kiss on my palm. I slid my hand up to scratch the scruff along his jaw, and he sent me a soft smile before nuzzling my wrist and placing a kiss there as well.

“Cos,” I whispered as I continued playing with his short beard.

He met my eyes. “Yeah, baby?”

“I…” I took a breath. “I’m glad we’re here… I mean…” I huffed. “I’m glad I’m here with you.”

He smiled. “So am I.” He stared at me for a beat, then said, “I understand now what you meant about wanting to be there for Jude when they were…”

I lifted a brow, wondering where this was going.

“You told me before that you felt guilty for the time they had you under a sleeping spell while they… hurt Jude.”

I nodded and grimaced at the same time. I remembered telling him about that last month while we were looking for an unregistered mage. That wasn’t something I wanted to think about, but I could tell this had been weighing on him, so I didn’t stop him.

“I didn’t understand that before, but when you cut me off last week when they were hurting you…” He glanced away for a moment, and when he looked back, his eyes were glassy. “I wanted to be there for you, Mads. I wanted to help you, I wanted to share the burden with you, but you wouldn’t let me. You… you cut me off when you needed me, and I…” He trailed off, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I didn’t want to talk about this shit. I didn’t want to remember, but… but he was hurting, and I needed to help him. So I cupped his cheek, running my thumb across his stubble, and scooted my face closer to his so we were only inches away, our noses almost touching.

“Cos,” I said softly and waited for him to open his glassy eyes before I continued. “I’m so sorry I hurt you by doing that.”

“Mads, that’s not… you were being… you can’t apologize for that.”

A sad smile spread over my face as I shrugged. “Well, too bad because I am sorry. I didn’t… it’s not that I didn’t want your support. I wanted… I wanted to feel you so badly, so damn badly, but I couldn’t. You were too far away, and…” I trailed off with a shuddery breath.

Cos brushed his knuckles across my cheek. “And?”

Ignoring my racing heart, I met his eyes again. “Being away from you hurt too much, and everything, everything was hurting me. And I knew if I let myself focus on you, I… I wouldn’t have been able to function at all. I just…” I felt my eyes well up, but I tried to push it back down—it didn’t work. “It hurt too much. It hurt so fucking much to feel you but not be near you. I… I couldn’t take that on top of everything else. I just… I couldn’t.”

“Oh, sweetheart.” Cos pulled me into a tight hug, kissing my hair over and over again.

My wet eyes leaked out a few tears, but I held the others at bay. Inhaling and exhaling deeply to keep from crying, I simply focused on the wonderful feeling of being in this man’s arms. Everything was fine. Everything was okay here.

I was here, with Cos, in the pride house. Everything else was in the past.



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Michele is married to an awesome guy that puts up with her and all the burnt dinners she makes—hey, sometimes characters are a bit distracting, and who doesn’t plot when they’re supposed to be cooking? They live together in Baltimore, Maryland with two little monsters, three-legged and four-legged fiends, and a little old man (aka their two sons, their two cats, and their senior dog). She hopes to rescue another cat soon, and if her hubby wouldn’t kill her, she’d get more than one… and maybe a few more dogs as well.

She loves creating worlds filled with lots of love, chosen family, and of course, magic, but she also likes making the characters fight for that happy ending. She hopes to one day write all the stories in her head—even if there are too many to count!

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