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Changeling is an MM Paranormal Fantasy Romance featuring enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, a steamy love story, lamb on a stick, and surprise visitors from other novels

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Outcast Mates

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Individual Stories
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Colgin Enterprise
10 February 2022
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When a fae changeling on the run is forced to hunker down with a grumpy incubus, will enemies become lovers or is an ancient curse too much for them to bear?

Dominus—an incubus who runs a brothel called The Twig & Berries—is bored with his life and customers alike.

Sebastian—a changeling faerie swapped at birth for a human infant—is reeling with the knowledge of his true heritage. Unsafe among humans, he travels north to meet others of his kind.

But danger lurks, and when Sebastian is forced to hunker down with Dominus for safe harbor, the tension between them flares hot.

Sebastian is the only person that’s piqued Dominus’s interest in ages, but he’s fae. And Dominus has reason to despise faeries.

Forced together as trespassers infiltrate the territory, will enemies become lovers or will a curse keep them apart forever?

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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


So, after reading Mongrel I was expecting more of what I know Lee writes best. Paranormal fantasy adventure, where the characters are on adventure or quest.

So I was surprised that this book is different. This time things are a little slower (not that much), and though there is no quest to solve as such, there is still plenty of magic and danger around.

All woven in the magic of Lee’s writing style.

As with all Lee’s books, the characters are well developed and portrayed. The initial awkwardness and mistrust between the two main characters Sebastian and Dominus is so real. The time it takes them to surrender to the attraction of each other felt natural.

The story worlds continue to be vivid both visually and atmospheric as we are taken back in history (I can’t remember the period off my head), but it felt real.

The story starts with Sebastian a fae changeling on the run with a Vampire who has been charged with bringing Sebastian to the safety of The Dozen (a ancient vampire council) Where he will mix with fae and be allowed to learn to control his magic.

But Ivaz has to attend another problem, and so leaves Sebastian at a brothel run by a incubus friend Dominus. Unfortunately, Dominus is non too pleased, having a hatred of the fae, who were responsible for the incubus being limited to the land they are born on.

What follows is a slow thawing of relations, lots of mixed signals which when it is time for Sebastian to continue his journey, they each want the other to be together. But neither voices their thoughts.

Whilst at the Dozen Sebastian learns how to control and use his magic, whilst trying to heal his broken heart. He also meets two Vampires Remy and Laurence’s from Beyond the Open Arc book (another fabulous story by Lee).

All the while Dominus is pining and starving himself out of heartache, until Ivaz forces him to write a letter to Sebastian about his true feelings.

As is standard with this authors stories, there are many threads woven together, the Enemies To lovers, Forgiveness, Finding oneself, Learning to Trust and found family to name a few.

I loved the supporting cast, Rizpah the no nonsense Cook who does not even let her boss Dominus off the hook. She is a fun character. Then there is Leonis the cat shifter who befriends Sebastian and is one of Dominus most trust friend. I really liked Loenis’s protective streak. Then of course there is Remy and Laurence who are all kinds of fun.

I really like to see characters from different books pop up in other stories as Remy and Laurence did in this one. I am a really big fan of large story worlds, so I hope we get more established characters showing up in future books and series.

I highly recommend this book and all of Lee’s books if you love exciting paranormal fantasy romances with vivid characters and storyworlds.


A creature strolls into the room so stunning I must blink to be sure he’s real.

Aside from the massive horns and gently swaying tail, he doesn’t look like any demon I’ve ever imagined. He’s gorgeous, with gray-dappled lavender skin, and he’s huge—taller than me even without considering the coiled horns that add another foot to his already astounding height.

His sapphire blue eyes, sparkling with an interest that rivals my own, catch my gaze. Silver brows—the same color as his long braided hair—arch to elegant crescents high on his forehead.

“What treasure has arrived at my door this morning?” A sly smile forms across lush pink lips. His skin is simply otherworldly, shining with an aromatic oil spread from neck to toes.

I inhale the fragrance of a bouquet of fresh spring blossoms plucked to gift a lover.

“Dominus, meet Sebastian, who finds himself in need of safe harbor.” Ivaz makes a sweeping gesture from him to me. “Sebastian, meet Dominus, who’s agreed to take you in.”

I let my gaze wander over the length of him. Practically naked, he wears only a sheer shift of shimmering fabric the color of ripe plums. It’s pulled tight over each hardened nipple, crossing just above his pierced belly button, then draping loosely around his lean waist and bulging thighs. Silver strappy sandals adorn his otherwise bare feet, the toenails painted purple to match the shift. Amethysts dangle from each ear.

Dominus is a glittering jewel of a man—of an incubus, I suppose. His attention brushes over me like a touch, grazing my skin and bristling the little hairs on my neck in its wake. We stare at each other until I remember my manners.

Clearing my throat, I extend my hand. “Thank you for offering me shelter.”

Dominus takes it within his larger one, his grip soft and warm. “My pleasure.” He brings my hand to his lips and presses a kiss to the backs of my fingers.

I’m baffled by the boldness of the gesture, wondering how he knows I prefer men. It’s usually a back-and-forth dance of daring mixed with self-preservation to determine whether another fellow might be like-minded, but Dominus doesn’t hesitate in the slightest.

To my chagrin, heat sears across my cheeks. Surely they’re pink as petals. I’m not often so taken by another person, but Dominus is a magnificent presence. His energy steals all the space in the room, spins it to his will, and returns it much improved upon for having been under his control.

My tongue is thick and heavy in my mouth, but I force it to work before I look like an idiot ogling him. “I’ve never met an incubus before.”

“And I’ve never met such a charming…” He studies me, eyes raking over my lean form.

I open my mouth to answer, my flush deepening under his scrutiny, but he shakes his head.

“No, let me guess. It’s more fun. Wood sprite?”

His guess brings a grin to my face. “There are wood sprites?”

“Ah, so not a wood sprite, then.” He leans in close to me and reaches for my hair. “May I?”

I bite my cheek and give a little nod. He takes a lock of my hair and curls it through his fingers. Then he sniffs.

“Hmm, not a shifter. At least not one I recognize.” His eyes sparkle with a new idea. “A jinn? But are you benevolent or malevolent?”

“I’m not that either. What’s a jinn?”

Dominus purses his lips, still twirling my hair. “Not a jinn. Hmm.”

Ivaz groans before Dominus can answer my question. “Glad to see the two of you hitting it off. Now where do we sleep?”

“Has our new guest worn you out already, old man?” Dominus says to Ivaz.

“Hardly,” Ivaz scoffs. “But I have a letter to write before dawn.”

“This way.” Dominus extends his elbow to me, and I take it. His muscles flex beneath my fingertips.

We head down a narrow hallway with decorated silk drapes hung crisscrossed over the ceiling and pass several doors on each side. Just how big this place, and how many people sleep within these rooms? In the quiet, I hear only the thumping of my heart and our soft steps muted by layers of thick rugs.

We stop by one of the doors. Dominus uses his free hand to push it open. He glances to Ivaz. “Here you are.”

“Thank you.” Ivaz steps over the threshold.

I gasp as Dominus’s tail circles my waist and tugs me closer to his side. It’s not unwelcome, but it’s quite surprising.

“Sorry,” he says, sounding anything but. “It has a mind of its own sometimes.”

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Lee Colgin has loved vampires since she read Dracula on a hot, sunny beach at 13 years old. She lives in North Carolina with lots of dogs and her husband. No, he's not a vampire, but she loves him anyway. Lee likes to workout so she can eat the maximum amount of cookies with her pizza. Ask her how much she can bench press.

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