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Trigger Warnings:
All I Want is the first book in the All’s Fair series. This is a dark mafia romance book with violence and intense sexual situations. Please see the TW page for details.*
Author's Notes:
All I Want was previously published in the O Deadly Night Anthology. It has been significantly expanded.

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All’s Fair

Cover Artist:
Abrianna Denae
16 March 2023
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Heat Level


When Carter Russo accepted a position in the Amato Organization, he never expected to get close to the man at the top—let alone end up in his bed.

Cristian Amato is cunning and ruthless, he rules the Family with an iron fist. He never expected to find someone who could be his equal in all things. Yet Carter is one of the few able to see the man beneath the title of Boss.

What should be the best day of their lives is shattered by a betrayal that’s closer than anyone could have predicted.

As secrets are revealed and cracks form in the foundation of their lives, Carter and Cristian must put duty above their hearts. Is their love strong enough to survive, or will it prove to be nothing but lies…

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“I’m going to step over the line again,” Carter says when we’re alone.

“Are you?”

He nods and takes half a step toward me before stopping. “I have to say, Boss, as good as you look in your suits, you’re fucking sexy dressed down.”

My blood heats and my cock perks up at his words. I move to stand directly in front of him. His eyes have darkened to a gorgeous navy color, and he sucks in a breath through pretty pink lips at my proximity. I want nothing more than to shove him to his knees and watch that mouth stretch around my cock. How dark will his eyes get when he’s in the throes of lust? How red will those lips be when I’m finished fucking and kissing them?

“You shouldn’t say those things to me, Carter.”

“Boss, I—”

Setting my thumb against his bottom lip, I stop his words. Leaning in, I whisper, “You shouldn’t say those things to me when my son is in the house.”

“B—” I press my thumb between his lips to cut off his words.

“Cristian,” I whisper. “When you’re crossing this line, you’ll use my name.”

He curls his tongue around my finger and I moan. Carter’s eyes are full of heat, and I want nothing more than to shove my hardening cock inside him.

“You should go,” I tell him, removing my thumb from his mouth.

Carter’s spit-slick lips are a temptation I don’t want to resist, but I know if I touch him any more than I already have, I won’t stop until I’ve devoured him.

He takes a step back, though I can see in his eyes that he’s reluctant to do so. “Thank you, Bo—Cristian, for tonight. It was nice.”

“Thank you, Carter, for caring.”

He gives a small, almost shy smile. “It’s kind of hard not to. He’s a good kid, and…you’re a good man.”

I chuckle. “Far from it, but I’ll accept the compliment anyway.”

“I need to go.”

I reply with reluctance. “Yes, you do.”

Carter’s gaze flickers once to my mouth then he strides out of the dining area. I wait until the front door opens and shuts before joining Roman in the living room.

He gives me a look when I take a seat on the sofa next to him. There’s a movie cued up on the TV but he doesn’t hit play, just stares at me for a long moment.

“I like him, too,” he says before reaching for the remote.

I’m not sure like is what I feel for Carter. Lust, yes; curiosity, sure. But like? No, I fear the things churning inside me when it comes to him are already so much more. It’s a terrifying thought.



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Abrianna Denae is a twenty-four-year-old author living in Northern California. An English major, she has always had a passion for writing.

Deciding to sit down and write one of the many stories that had plagued her mind for years was the easy part—finding the time to do it was a different story.

Caffeine is her best friend, and sleep is her worst enemy.

A lover of books that make the reader feel something, she tries to incorporate as much of her real-world views and feelings into her stories as she can.

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