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Love at the Haven Series by Stella Shaw

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Individual Stories
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Stella Shaw
21 June 2021
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The brawny Dom and the beautiful Diva—and the secrets they keep.

A personal trainer and part-time escort, Liam is burly, bossy, and perfectly cast as the resident Dom at the Haven Hotel. And if anything falls outside that box—like the lacy lingerie he keeps hidden in his gym bag—that’s easily ignored, right?

Felix’s career as a successful model means being at the beck and call of anyone who requires him. He’s expected to be satisfied with glamour, money, and subservience. No one would ever believe his secret desire to take control.

When Liam agrees to show the outrageously pretty and delicate Felix around Liam’s infamous Room 8, neither one expects the disobedient desire that sparks between two such opposite men.

Felix is looking for a lover who’ll let him call the shots, whereas Liam is fighting the desire to submit. Their passion and power could make for a kinky role reversal.

They just have to surrender to their deepest needs.

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Felix’s curiosity was fascinating. In many ways, he was so cool and so confident: he made me feel large and clumsy when he strolled past me to peer in the top drawer. And I was well aware of the looks he drew, both at the gym, and when we arrived at the Haven. But the longer he was in Room 8, just the two of us together, the more the surface glamour faded and he just seemed like… another guy.

He made an irritated noise and pushed back his hair. It had worked loose from its topknot, as I’d noticed it often did. A drop of sweat glimmered under his ear. I had an irresistible urge to lean forward, settle my hand at the base of his skull, and lick that up.

“Here. Let me.” I stepped behind him, swept his hair up in my hand, twisted it, and fastened it back into place.

“What did you use?” he asked.

“It’s just a leather tie.” There was a pile of them in the drawer, of various lengths. This one was dark red, glossy, and looked good against his blond hair. The tips were pale green today, and brought out a muted hint of the same colour in his irises.

I watched the pulse in his throat as he swallowed, my hand lingering, brushing my fingertips over the shorter hairs on his nape. I wanted to take hold of him; to stroke him all over.

“Did you ask me?” he said softly.

I paused, because there was a jarring, yet strangely familiar edge to his voice. “Ask you what?”

“If you could touch my hair.” His casual tone had faded, the laughter no longer behind his words. “If you could touch me.”

I’d just wanted to help. But something stopped me saying that aloud.

“I should have checked first,” I said, instead.

“Yes. Just remember that.” He turned until he faced me, his eyes unnaturally bright. There were spots of colour high on his cheeks as if he was already aroused. He cupped my jaw with his left hand, and brushed his thumb over my lower lip. “Though my answer would have been Green.”

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When I’d booked at the Haven, I was asked if I had any special requests. What kind of company I was looking for. What kind of man did I like, was there a particular role I liked playing, did I have preference as a top or bottom, would I want props or accessories. Almost exactly like a modelling session, I’d thought wryly.

But the minute they’d mentioned the availability of a play session, I was intrigued. The mere idea of power exchange excited me, and here was a safe and sensible way of taking it further. To be honest, I don’t think I listened fully enough to further explanations. What rang in my ears as clearly as Big Ben’s glorious chime was that it would all be under my control. That was the magic word. The Haven was my chance to have an assignation on my own terms, without it being a duty or a payback for my job.

“One of our guys can talk you through it all while you’re here,” the man on the phone had said, and I’d heard the smile in his voice. He was business-like but easy-going. Like it happened every day for him. Maybe it did at the Haven.

One of our guys had turned out to be Liam. With that shiny strap across his torso, and the supple leather trousers that hugged his muscled arse. Fuck my life. I hadn’t had sex for a while, and I’d thought I wasn’t too bothered. But one look at Liam, and every nerve had sprung into life.

In that minute, in the lobby of the Haven, it had taken every ounce of control just for me to stay on my feet. There had been nothing I wanted more than go with the masterful Liam to Room 8 and have him tell me what was on offer.




Stella Shaw is the penname for an author of MM romance. Her new Rent Boy Romance series: Love at the Haven launched in January 2021.

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