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An Isle Story series by Sue Brown

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Individual Stories
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One Hat Press Ltd
30 June 2021
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Skandik and Owens, private detectives. Can they find a man who vanished over thirty years ago? Or will their first case break them apart?

With a new job as a private detective on a small island, Olaf has everything he’s dreamed of. A life as an openly gay man, a partner who adores every fuzzy hair on his body, and his adopted family and friends who love him. So why does he feel something is still missing?

With a promotion that’s his for the taking, Paul has everything he never dreamed of. His closeted cop is finally in the same country as him. His interfering family and friends are happy for him. So why isn’t he satisfied?

Then on his first day of business Olaf gets the worst possible case. To discover whether a sixteen-year-old gay boy who disappeared thirty-five years ago is alive or dead. As they delve into the dark history of the boy’s family, both Olaf and Paul are forced to confront their relationship.

Will Paul take the promotion? Will Olaf walk away if he does? Or will they face the fact that their relationship is more important than anything else?

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“Look at my man. A Private Dick.”

Paul Owens smirked as he studied the door.

Olaf Skandik.

Private Investigator.

Olaf rolled his eyes. “You had to get a dick joke in there somewhere, didn’t you?”

“Well duh. Did you expect anything different?”

“I expected it sooner,” Olaf admitted, admiring his name on the door.

Paul raised his eyebrow. “Are you going to open the door or are we going to spend all day staring at the sign?”

Olaf huffed as he fumbled with the key. His hands shook as he made a second attempt to get the key in the lock.

“Let me do it,” Paul suggested.

But rather than taking the key from him, Paul placed his hands over Olaf’s and guided the key in. It turned like a charm.

“I don’t know why I’m so nervous,” Olaf admitted.

Paul pushed the door open. “This is the start of your new life, babe. Olaf Skandik, private detective. Finder of lost dogs and cheating husbands.”

Olaf had a horrible feeling he was right.

They surveyed the small office, barely large enough for a desk and a chair.

“It’s…compact,” Paul said diplomatically.

“It’s all I can afford at the moment.”

He’d been lucky that the offices were still empty above the Blue Lagoon restaurant. He wasn’t sure about having Wig and Nibs as his friends and landlords, but at least there was an endless supply of coffee downstairs.

“You know you can never complain about my flat again,” Paul said with undisguised glee.

Olaf gave a resigned sigh. “I know.”

He’d contemplated working from home, but he didn’t want clients knowing where he lived. This office, barely larger than a shoebox, was all he could afford until he was established, unless he asked his parents for money. Which was never going to happen.

“It’s very beige.”

His landlords, Wig and Nibs had decorated the room in neutral colours, but Paul was right. It was beige.

“But it’s all yours.”

Olaf turned to see Paul grinning at him, and the warmth of his smile sent a message straight to his dick. He pushed the door shut with one foot and raised an eyebrow.

“Bend over the desk,” he ordered.

Paul’s smile went from warm and happy to heated need. “You want to christen the desk?”

He was head down, ass up, before Olaf had time to say, “I do.”

Olaf grinned. His boy never mucked about.

He slid his hands under Paul’s sweater, tugging at the T-shirt so he could reach the warm skin beneath.

Paul flinched. “Christ, you could have warmed your hands up, you bastard.”

“I am warming them up. On your back,” Olaf pointed out, totally unrepentant for the goosebumps under his fingertips.

“It’s a good thing I like you,” Paul grumbled.

Olaf bent over him to whisper in his ear. “Oh, I think you do more than like me, Mr Owens.”

Paul scoffed in the back of his throat, but the shiver told a different story. “Get on with it. I haven’t got all day.”

Olaf grinned. His boy was all mouth. For a man with no patience, he could be reduced to a boneless heap when Olaf took things slow. They’d been together for eight years—on and off, and, okay, maybe more off than on in the earlier stages—but they’d always come together with clashing need. Making love to Paul Owens was still at the top of Olaf’s things-to-do list.

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Exclusive Excerpt


“I’ve got to go, babe.”

Olaf grumbled as Paul whispered in his ear, and snuggled down. It was too early to wake up.

“You have to let me go.” Paul sounded resigned and amused.

“Don’ wanna,” Olaf muttered.

“I know, but the guv will kill me if I’m late for work again.”

Olaf sighed and let go of his warm Paul pillow.

“Love you.” Paul pressed a kiss to Olaf’s temple. “I’ll call you on my break. Don’t forget you’re going to see Charley later today.”

It took a moment for Olaf to remember who Charley was. Oh yeah, his first case as a PI. He should get up and prepare. “What time is it?”

“Half four.”

Olaf groaned and buried himself further under the duvet. Four thirty was way too early to get up.

“Call you later,” Paul said.


Olaf disentangled himself from the covers and stood, pulling Paul into his arms for a slow kiss that left them both gasping when he pulled back.

“Wow,” Paul murmured. “You managed to do that without opening your eyes. How did you know where I was standing?”

“I have skills,” Olaf assured him. Also there was only one space in the room where Paul could stand to get dressed.

“You certainly do.” Paul patted his cheek. “Go back to sleep. Your alarm is set for eight.”

Olaf pressed a kiss into Paul’s palm. “You’re an angel.”

“Yeah, no. That’s not what everyone else tells me. Gotta go.”

Olaf grinned as he snuggled under the duvet again. His boy was right. Paul was definitely not an angel. But he was Olaf’s.


Olaf flung out a hand to quell the obnoxious noise, missed, and the alarm clock hit the wall with a crack. The loud ringing ended on a pathetic whimper. He opened one eye and looked at the wall. Dammit, he’d gouged out another chunk of plaster. He’d have to repair the damage before his landlord saw it. Nick was fussy like that.

He flopped onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. Time to get up. He picked up his phone and checked to see if he had gotten a message from Paul. There was one.

“Did you break your phone?”

There was a reason Paul bought him alarm clocks. He’d not been happy the first time a half-asleep Olaf had flung his phone across the room and cracked the screen.

Olaf tapped a reply. “No. Hole in wall from alarm clock.”

The response was instantaneous. “Nick’s gonna kill you.”

“He’ll never know.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Skippy.”

After eight years, Olaf still wasn’t sure who Skippy was.



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Sue is a cranky, middle-aged, bi author with a hard-core addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys. She loves her kids, her dog and coffee; the order depending on the time of day.

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