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Brina Brady
10 January 2022
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Pre-law student Shawn O’Brien loses his mind when he finds his live-in boyfriend Jasper Logan with a younger man in their bed. Shawn breaks the law and ends up in big trouble, in danger of losing his scholarship and freedom. He needs a new place to live to serve his house arrest sentence or he will go to jail for six months.

Successful District Prosecuting Attorney, Noah Braun, has it all: money, friends, and a top career, but he’s at risk of losing it all as he grieves the loss of his husband. His father, Judge Braun, finds the perfect lover to save his son. The judge asks Noah to take Shawn into his home to complete his sentence.

Everything changes when Noah and Shawn meet and find themselves living together. Noah is determined to do whatever it takes to prove to Shawn that their relationship will be different from his nightmarish one with Jasper.

Can Noah find a way to win Shawn’s heart forever, or will Shawn move on when his house arrest is complete?

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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Prepare to have your heart broken. Brina certainly piles on the struggles Shawn had had to endure in his past and that struggle just gets more serious when upon his return home he finds his partner of two years in bed with another younger man. Which starts a domino effect of events that leads to Shawn being placed under house arrest.


Luckily Shawn is well known in the campus of pre-law school and has worked for one of the towns judges. Between Judge Braun and Shawn’s Mentor Henrik (who is a defence lawyer) they hatch a plan to keep Shawn safely away from prison.

Noah Braun is the son of Judge Braun. He is grieving from the death of his husband who left him two years ago. When his father asks him to take Shaun in whilst he serves his house arrest. He is not very keen, wondering why his Father is so keen on saving Shaun, and suspects rightly that his father is hoping Shawn’s stay will bring Noah back to the land of the living.

The two men are instantly attracted, and it does not take long for them to form a serious relationship. But there are obstacles, Shawn does not trust his judgement when choosing a partner. A dirty parole officer who is determined to have Shawn sent to jail. Oh, and Shawn’s Ex is set to cause trouble for him.

Though the story tackles some dark issues, such as a dirty parole officer, rejection, and domestic abuse. The story is light and warm and cuddly.

The story has a strong plot and is well paced for the size of the book. The characters are strong too. The secondary characters an also fully fleshed out and I liked the way they formed a kind of family.

The only thing I did not like was when early on Noah offered to pay Shaun for sex. I just felt that it did not quite fit the characters.

Having said that I do feel like this is one of Brina’s best books. I would love to see a follow up where Noah and Shawn are prosecutor and defence lawyers in a court case. How they would navigate the work / home relationship when on opposite sides of the court.

A Thoroughly enjoyable read


“You don’t have to like me, but I like you.” Noah paused the movie so he could focus on talking to Shawn.

“That’s not the problem. I do like you, but you wanted to pay me for sex. That means you just want to fuck me. That’s all you want from me.”

“First, the money was added to entice you. I do want to fuck you, and I only want that from someone who I care about.”

“I’m afraid of getting hurt again.”

“Think about how much fun we could have. I can’t promise you we won’t get hurt, but I want to try to have something with you. I have a feeling we might work out sexually.”

“Are you sure you didn’t have me stay here to entertain you?”

“Do you think you can entertain me?”

“I’d like to try, but right now I feel like I’m sexually boring. When your lover cheats on you because you’re not enough, something must be wrong.”

“I loved kissing you. Do you like to try new things?”

“Always. I guess I feel like I might fail in the sex department.”

“It’s not about performance, though it helps, but taking on a new lover is exciting. Learning what they like and don’t. Not every time is going to be perfect but, in some sense, it is. I get this feeling by being in your presence. I can’t explain why I want you sexually as opposed to remaining just friends. It’s either there or it’s not.”

“I know what you mean. When I saw you the first time, I wasn’t expecting someone so hot! I just figured you were an older lawyer and a friend of Henrik’s. I didn’t understand why you would consider taking me in without even meeting me. The entire set up is odd to me, but I’m grateful for what you did for me.”

“What are you trying to say?” Noah hoped he felt the same way about him, but it wasn’t a given. His experience involved working for it, and maybe Shawn still loved bully Jasper. How could someone so brilliant fall for that ignoramus? And that shaggy beard was sickening.

“I want to be with you, but I’m afraid of disappointing you.”

“Your kiss didn’t disappoint me.”

“Your kiss was hot to my lips, but I got scared.”

“Do you bottom?”

“I do both. Do you only top?”

“No, I top mostly, but I’m not against switching it up now and then.”


“Do you have any kinks?”

“I probably do. Like what are we talking about?”

“Spanking, handcuffs, role playing. What do you think of those kinks?”

“I like those things you mentioned. I like to feel a little pain.”

“Am I making you feel uncomfortable?”

“No. I like getting to know more about you. I want to know what you look like naked.”

“That can be arranged. I think it’s good we talked. I want you to feel on equal basis at all times with me. That’s the reason I wanted to pay you. I figured it would balance us.”

“The money is not happening, now or ever. The only item unbalanced between us is our age difference and that doesn’t bother me at all.”

“Then money is off the table for now. I’d like you to sleep with me in my bed. What do you say about that?”

“I don’t know.” Shawn fidgeted in his seat.

“We could finish watching Dune in my bed, then maybe you could see how I look without clothes on.”

“Only if we can take the popcorn and our Diet Cokes.” Shawn didn’t take any time to think about it. He just answered as Noah suggested Shawn could see how he looked naked.

“It’s a deal.” Noah picked up the bowl of popcorn with his drink and Shawn followed behind him as they climbed the stairs. Shawn had surprised him with his quick response, which led Noah to believe Shawn might like him in some way and maybe he was just afraid of making a mistake.

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