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Biker Daddy Bodygaurds series by Sue Brown

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One Hat Press
30 April 2021
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Griff spends his evenings unofficially protecting the successful club owner, Jem Peacock, for the Biker Daddy Bodyguards. But Jem is a boy in need of a Daddy and Griff is desperate to take that job. He will wait patiently for Jem to trust him with the secret of his heart.

This young Daddy, all wiry muscle and compact strength, is not Jem’s type. But when Jem’s world implodes, Griff is the one by his side, guarding him, and offering Jem the chance to explore his little side. Jem has longed for a special kind of Daddy, one who loves a femme little. Is he too old to have his dream? Can he trust Griff with that secret?

To his fellow bodyguards, Jem is a client. To their community, Jem is a boy in need of a special Daddy. To Griff, Jem is a little to be treasured. Will Jem give him that chance?

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“Your bodyguard is here again,” Max murmured, his amusement sparkling in his green eyes.

Jem Peacock didn’t follow his brother’s gaze. He refused to look over to the other booth in the VIP section of Peacock. He knew what he’d see. The bodyguard in question had been in their club every night for weeks.

“And this time he brought company. Mmmm, pretty.” Max was practically salivating.

Jem held back a growl. “They’re all loved-up, Maxy. Don’t even think about it.”

“Don’t call me Maxy, Jezza. There’s only one boy there. The rest are all big and burly. Yummy.” Max licked his lips.

Jem rolled his eyes. “As I said, all loved up.”

“Except your bodyguard, poor lamb. Sitting there all by himself. He looks so lonely.”

“He’s not my bodyguard.” Jem scowled at Max’s gleeful expression, but he kept his tone cool, knowing his brother would pounce on any sign of weakness. “And he’s certainly not a lamb.” There was nothing soft about Griff Carlton. He was all hard muscle. “He’s not my type.”

Max scoffed at him. “Oh, little brother, you can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me. Griff is so your bodyguard. How many nights has he been in here since you met him?”

“I don’t know.” Jem glared at his brother, but it didn’t take the wicked grin off Max’s face, and Jem knew what he was going to say.

“Every night. Your boy has been here every single night for the past two months.”

“He’s not my boy.” Jem held back a shiver. Griff may be years younger than Jem, but he was definitely not a boy.

“No,” Max drawled. “He’s certainly not your boy. Your Daddy, perhaps?”

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Exclusive Excerpt

Max had disappeared, so Jem did a slow circle around the club checking everyone was happy. It was a busy night but there was no hint of trouble, which he appreciated. Customers were drinking, dancing, and generally having a good time. So why did Jem feel so miserable in his own club? Peacock was his home. He should feel happy here.


Jem stopped breathing. He turned to see Griff smiling at him. He’d forgotten just how big Griff seemed next to him, dominating the space around them.

“Hi.” Jem couldn’t think of what else to say.

Griff seemed equally dumbstruck. Then he took a deep breath. “Listen, would you have a drink with me?”

“Me?” Jem asked stupidly.

Griff’s lips twitched. “Yes, you, if you want to.”


Griff looked a bit confused at his question. “Because I like you.”

Jem’s next question was going to be “Why?” again, but he heard a voice say, “That’s an excellent idea. Why don’t you take the rest of the night off, Jem? I can manage here.”

Jem was going to kill his brother. Slowly, painfully, and with whatever implement he had to hand. The smirk on his brother’s face was enough to make him seethe. What if he didn’t want to have a drink with Griff? Okay that really was stupid. Of course he wanted to have a drink with Griff.

Griff was still staring at him intently. Jem knew that if he said no, Griff wouldn’t press him. Griff was a Daddy, a true Daddy, if his reputation in the community was accurate. Jem had done his own investigations into the man who had escorted him home. Griff would walk away because he was too much of a gentleman to force Jem into doing anything he didn’t want to. So the ball was in Jem’s court.

Jem ignored his brother and smiled at Griff, pleased to see Griff relax a fraction. “I’d like that, but not here. Otherwise my brother and half the bodyguard community will be interfering.”

“I never interfere,” Max spluttered.

“Did your nose just get bigger?” Jem asked sweetly.

Griff chuckled at Max’s outraged expression. “I know where we can go where we won’t meet anyone we know.”

“You take care of him,” Max said, his voice suddenly hard.

Jem rolled his eyes. “He’s taking me for a drink, not putting me in chains in his dungeon.”

He heard Griff’s intake of breath. Well, well, well. That was unexpected. Maybe he did have to worry.

But Griff turned to Max. “Let me give you my number. You can check in with me as well as Jem. And my co-workers will vouch for me.”

“I know who you are,” Max said. “I’ve already checked you out.”

“Max!” Jem was outraged, even though he’d done the same thing.

“Gotta make sure you’re safe, little brother.” Max grinned at Jem’s eye roll.

“Peacock isn’t the wild west, Max,” Jem groused.

“You never know.” There was something in Max’s expression…Jem didn’t know what it was, but he didn’t understand it.

But before he could question his brother, Griff just nodded as if being investigated was an everyday occurrence. “Good, then you’ll know I’ve worked for CDR for many years. I’ve lived in my apartment for five years, and I have a dog.”

Max groaned. “Did you have to say the d word?”




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Sue is a cranky, middle-aged, bi author with a hard-core addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys. She loves her kids, her dog and coffee; the order depending on the time of day.

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