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Biker Daddy Bodyguards Series by Sue Brown

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Individual Stories
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One Hat Press
31 January 2021
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Mo is content with the quiet life. Once upon a time he had his happy ever after, but that ended. Now he’s being asked to guard an ego-driven businessman who has no idea how much danger he’s in. He should say no.

A successful CEO, Joseph is used to most people saying yes. He’s not convinced ‘yes’ is in this bodyguard’s vocabulary. Every decision he makes, Mo vetoes. Joseph is furious. He’s the one in charge. Isn’t he?

They are dealing with escalating danger and increasing tension between them. Joseph is convinced he’s a Daddy. Mo knows Joseph is a boy. Will Mo keep Joseph safe and show him his true place?

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The room went silent.

“Remember you’re a Holden. Never let another man tell you what to do.”

His father’s words rang in Joseph’s ears as they had done since he had sat an eight-year-old Joseph down in his study and told him that one day he would be the head of a great empire.

Yet he’d sat like a kid, his cheeks flaming, because some yeti off the mountains had ordered him to. He knew he’d made a huge mistake. He’d lost face in front of a room full of alpha men. He could see that in the smug expressions in the room. Now he’d have to work twice as hard to regain the power.

He was the client, the top dog in the room. Correction. He should have been the top dog. He was the billionaire; they were merely muscle. So why did he feel like a kid playing dress up in his father’s shoes?

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Joseph fell asleep about ten minutes into the movie. One moment he was bitching about the lead actor needing to wax and the next he was snoring. Mo smiled as Joseph slumped against him. Carefully Mo put an arm around him, and Joseph buried his face in Mo’s chest. He muttered something incoherent and snuggled into him. Mo wasn’t surprised Joseph fell asleep. The boy had been living on his nerves the entire day.

Mo held him close as he watched the movie with half his attention. He’d seen it many times before. He was more concerned about the man in his arms. He didn’t trust Joseph not to do something stupid like run away in the middle of the night. It hadn’t escaped his attention that Joseph had been eyeing his phone. He was half-tempted to let Joseph swipe it and try to work out the code to unlock it. He just wasn’t sure he could deal with the temper tantrums when Joseph failed. He had to give the boy props for thinking ahead though.

He stroked Joseph’s hair. “Just rest, my boy. Don’t be clever. Let me take care of you.”

Joseph gave a long sigh. “No one cares, Daddy,” he murmured.


Sue is a cranky, middle-aged, bi author with a hard-core addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys. She loves her kids, her dog and coffee; the order depending on the time of day.

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