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Trigger Warnings:
On-page physical assault (not between MCs), mention of sexual assault.
Author's Notes:
Finding His Boy is the first book in a duet taking place in the Safe Harbor universe but can be read as a stand-alone and has an HFN ending. This book is a 90+K word slow burn, steamy romance that features a Daddy/boy relationship between two consenting adult men. No age play. Dual POV. There are explicit descriptions of sexual acts, so this book is intened for a mature audience (18+).

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K.D. Ryan
25 March 2021
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A lonely Daddy. An innocent boy. A twenty-year age gap. Whatever happens next is in Daddy’s hands.

Finding his way in life all on his own hadn’t been easy for eighteen-year-old Elliot Hedrick, but he’d managed to hold it all together so far.

Even though it was just by the skin of his teeth.

Between his warehouse job and pursuing a career as a professional ballet dancer, he’d been working sixteen-hour days and was still barely making ends meet.

He was fraying at the seams. And he was so damn lonely.

There was nobody for him to lean on, nobody to come to his rescue when things fell apart—it was all up to him to achieve his dreams.

Then suddenly Grant Weston charged into Elliot’s life, his knight in shining armor—literally and figuratively—and despite their twenty-year age gap, Grant couldn’t seem to leave the boy alone. Even though Grant knew he should.

There were too many obstacles between them—and not just their ages. Grant had secrets of his own, ghosts from his past that made him hold back from taking what he really wanted from Elliot.

And what Grant wanted was to make Elliot his boy.

To have a true partner.

But Grant was afraid to trust himself—afraid that history would repeat itself and leave him with a broken heart yet again.

Is age really just a number, or will the years between them end their relationship before it can even start?



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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


First Zach is a rich kid, now usually we expect such characters to be spoilt brats. Nope he is very level headed and mature.

I really liked Zachs character, he knew he was a submissive, but lacked any experience to even know what he liked and did not like. Hence his Millionaire father who fully supports Zachs life choices enlists the help of The Retreat to allow Zach to test the water so to speak, or in this case floggers, spanking benches ad leashes to name but a few. I absolutely loved Zachs father Taylor, wow what a role model of a father he is.

Dale is a landscape Gardner as after being shot in the leg is unable to serve in the army or work as a bodyguard. But still dabbles in security. He is called in to protect Zach from possible kidnapping, which attempts have been made before.

They are instantly attracted to one another, and when Zach is between visiting Doms, that have been arranged to show him different aspects of the lifestyle. He volunteers to help Dale in the gardens.

The chemistry is sizzling below boiling point. Neither man thinks that it will be possible to take their feelings further. Dale keeps reminding himself he is there to protect and not claim Zach as his own.

I just love how the author has slowed their getting together and teases the reader as well as the poor characters, until they reach boiling point.

There are a few surprises for them both, a little scheming, and danger when a drone is spotted flying over the grounds of the retreat.

Its always good to see regular faces of the retreats staff. Luc the Daddy Dom who manages the retreat and his adorable gentle sub Skye, who we see gaining confidence little by little. Then there is Tor the chef whose food is amazing, and his hand is the perfect match for the chauffer Raynes butt. I so hope they get their own story.

As with the first two books in the series the characters and plot are well thought out, you can really relate to not only the main characters but the supporting cast and their unique personalities. As for the plot, it is exciting, with sizzling chemistry between Zach and Dale, with a little danger and a few surprises that keep you turning pages until the end.

I really love LM Somerton’s writing style and her unique take on the BDSM theme. I know when I start one of her books, I am in for a treat of a story.

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