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Flame Born by Kat Silver

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Kat Silver
12 November 2021
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Torn between finding answers and escaping chains, can Michael trust his werewolf lover or is the devious vampire prince the only one truly on his side?

“And if I am a monster? Will you want me then?”

Ten days after the battle at Blackriver, Michael struggles with new forbidden desires, with his rampant Flame, and a deepening relationship with the taciturn werewolf, Commander Gabriel Flanagan.

Feeling responsible for their loss, Michael longs to rescue the students stolen by the manipulative vampire prince, Alexei Vasiliev. But the High Council refuses to free Michael from his chains. They fear the whisperer — the half-breed who decimated an entire company of soldiers and came back from the dead. Yet, Michael still yearns for a future among the Guardians. For a place beside his Finnish, silver-eyed giant. For a home within the crazy supernatural world he’s now bound to.

But does Michael still have a future? He’s a descendent of the Warlock — from a bloodline that produces only monsters. If discovered, not even his protective lover can save him from certain execution. He may not want to.

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The prized possession you value above all others… My laptop. I’d be lost without it.

The unqualified regret you wish you could amend… I wish I could go back and start writing earlier in my life. I lost years. But I’m grateful I started at all.

The temptation you wish you could resist… Sugar.

The book that holds everlasting resonance… Magician by Raymond E Feist.

The film you can watch time and time again… Groundhog Day

The poem that touches your soul… Anything by Rumi or Mary Oliver

The piece of wisdom you would pass onto a child… Follow what’s in your heart. What you feel a true passion for. It will nourish and feed your soul.

The philosophy that underpins your life… Be kind. Relentlessly kind.

The character you enjoyed writing the most… Alexei, my snarky vampire prince.

The character you found difficult to write… My arch villain


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Dark fate is book two in the Flame Born series and follows on from a few months after Dark Flame. I strongly recommend that you read book one first, as the story is a continuation and the events in book one plays a large part of the plot of book two.

The first chapter was slow, but it did help me to remember the events of book 1.

The chapter 2 happens, and boy the story soon picks up as Michael tries to plot his way through lies, manipulative people, people out to have him put down and a vampire that is intent on Michael becoming one of his obedient little soldiers.

As if that is not enough, Michael also must learn to control the flame magic in his body or kill innocent people when he loses his temper. We see Michael grow as a person in his new reality of the supernatural world. He is becoming aware that he is being manipulated by Alexi, Some of the Council, and Alexi’s Uncle all with different agendas. It was good to see that he has realised that he has been manipulated and I am intrigued to find out how that shapes his character in the next book.

Dark flame is an action thriller that will keep you biting your nails until you have no fingers left. There are kidnappings, attacks, death threats to name but a few of the events within the story, The author has the skill of suspense writing along with the mystery of who is on Michael’s side when all hell breaks loose.

Each character is unique and important to the story, even the minor characters play their part in building the mystery, suspense, and danger. My favourite characters are the mischievous Vampire and Gabriel with his protective growl. It is also interesting Michael, & Gabriel’s relationship develop, though they do not spend much time together in this book. You do feel their bond building, even with the cheeky, mischievous, and manipulative vampire meddling and of course using his blood connection to Michael, which leads to some hot and steamy moments that Michael just can not resist.

I do wonder what is instore for the three of them if they do survive this book that is *wink*

The vast story world is very well presented, even the dark woods (I think that is the name of them), which were very creepy and scary, felt very real. As does the magic that happens in the story.

Even now after book two I still have suspicions on a few of the characters motives.

A thrilling and enjoyable read, that leaves you eager for book three.


I grip the sink edge, knuckles white, and glare at the contents of the glass vial lying beside the tap. The viscous liquid, the color of a fine bottled wine, looks so innocuous. Innocent. A random sample of blood.

There’s nothing innocent about this vial’s contents.

Every time I see it, my mouth salivates with the need for a taste. Whenever I take the vial from my pocket to caress the cool glass in my hand, a clamoring monster of desire rips through me like a fire.

Not this time.

I swipe up the tube, twist out the cork, and prepare to pour the blood away. Metal clanks against ceramic, echoing through the small bathroom, as the chain between my wrist manacles knocks the sink. A heady smell of cocoa and figs hits my nostrils. My hand falters. God, that scent.

His scent.

An urgency to inhale the smell deep into my lungs, to press the glass into my lips and lick the rim, almost takes control.

Alexei. That devious vampire. He knew exactly what he was doing when he left me with this. His blood constantly tugs at me like an unfinished song. Like a broken tooth my tongue won’t leave alone.

I could wash temptation away. Watch clear water turn burgundy as the vile substance slides into the drain.

I won’t.

I’ve faced this trial for ten days, and the result never changes.

I’ve tried to show the vial to Flanagan. Tried to hand it over so he can smash the glass and destroy the contents. Somehow, it always returns to my hiding places. A dirty secret.

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