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This series must be read in order

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Meraki P Lyhne
13 December 2016
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Daniel was an Untouchable destined to be trained as a companion to a high-ranking Cubus. A red-eyed Incubus screwed all that up at a dinner party, and Daniel is now a confused Changeling with a libido far exceeding anything he could ever have dreamed off.
Seldon failed in keeping the Untouchable under his care safe, and he accidentally dosed the too young human. His worst fears came to pass when Daniel turned out to be a Changeling, and Seldon now has to face the Cubi justice for turning someone so young.
Luckily, Seldon has a powerful friend at his side—one who also has an eye for the young beauty.

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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


We return to The Cubi world, as Danial’s world is turned upside down once again. Now a changeling due to an accident Danial has to learn the Cubi way of life and traditions and who better to teach him than Seldon. But Seldon has his own troubles to deal with. Having failed to protect Danial as a untouchable, he must be punished, and we know their punishments are not for the faint hearted. Seldon is usually the one doling out the punishments, so he feels humiliated that he took his eye off the ball.

We really get to know a fun cheeky side of Danial as he deals with the rollercoaster changes, but we all so get to see another side of Seldon a humble and vulnerable side.

We see some of the reasons of the Cubi way of life, their culture and severe laws, all are there to protect their venerable people.

I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole into a whole new world, and I do not think I ever want to climb out of the world. Cubi life is so much more fun and peaceful then the human world we live in.


Meraki P. Lyhne, real name Martin, is a Danish author spanning multiple genres and pseudonyms. Meraki P. Lyhne mainly writes contemporary paranormal LGBT fiction with various degrees of romantic heat, some with a HEA, some with a HFN, and some with white-knuckling cliffhangers. Mostly, he writes long series with focus on worldbuilding, action, and something epic.

Other than that, he’s a single dad to a teenage boy, the happy companion to a Rottweiler, and he lives in a very small village next to nowhere.

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