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Beautiful Shame by M.A. Innes

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Individual Stories, Same Theme
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Self Published
18 December 2020
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Looking innocent and the picture of vanilla has allowed Asher to keep his personal life private from his nosy but well-meaning coworkers, but it’s also made finding Mr. Right almost impossible. When the outside is sweet and shy and the inside is full of curious needs, Asher doesn’t know how he’ll ever find the right man…because Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dominant just doesn’t show up out of the blue. Right?

When a dramatic breakup leaves Declan sleeping in his car, he vows to never to change himself for anyone ever again. But moving in with his new blushing roommate is testing his resolve. All he wants is to throw caution to the wind and explain in explicit detail about everything he’d love to do to the seemingly bashful man with the wandering eyes, but is that what Archer wants?

When a teasing flirt with a wicked grin meets a shy insurance salesman, sparks shouldn’t fly, but these two might just be a match made in heaven…just a very wicked one.

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I couldn’t be held responsible for flirting with him if he ticked all my boxes, could I?

Flirting wasn’t the same thing as actually trying for a date or a relationship. There was no way I was going to jump into something like that, but his buttons were fun to push.

He wiggled and blushed and gaped like he was imagining all kinds of dirty fantasies, even though he looked so innocent. Archer had the confused cutie thing down pat and it looked good on him, but the way his eyes kept watching my dick and the hungry look on his face said he wasn’t as innocent as he wanted to appear.

If I weren’t still so fucking pissed at life, he’d be a real temptation.

Taking the last of the bed frame from him, I grinned and stroked my fingers down the length of the metal. “I’ll go set these down in the bedroom. We can play with it later.”

Archer just licked his lips and nodded slowly.

Since he seemed to need a minute to find his ability to talk, I headed over to the other room…and if my sweats started to slip just a bit as I walked, well, I was carrying a lot and it couldn’t be helped.

I had to smile at Archer’s not-so-quietly whispered “Fuck.”

Yeah, there was no way the cutie was straight. I wasn’t sure if he was bi or pan or what else might fit him better, but the way he was staring at me and the little sounds that were escaping said he liked men.

But the universe had a fucking dickish sense of humor because this was not the time to put a platter like that in front of me. I’d dated a variety of people, guys and women, but I had a real passion for dirty little things who looked innocent.

Unfortunately, sometimes that combination backfired in spectacular ways.

Like manipulative asshole kinds of ways.

That thought right there should have been enough to remind me why flirting with Archer was a bad idea—especially since he was now my landlord—but it wasn’t.

I wasn’t claiming to be especially smart when it came to blushing cuties, but there was something different about Archer. He seemed like the genuine article, not giving me what he thought I wanted to hear or what would manipulate me best.

As I set the pieces down and went back to his bedroom, I had to grin. Yep, I wasn’t that bright, but I was confident and curious…two traits that were bound to get a guy in trouble, but that made life much more fun.

Archer was bent half under the bed with his sexy ass sticking out as he huffed and puffed. I knew logically that the mattress was just stuck, and he was having a hard time with it, but damned if my imagination didn’t take that scene in a whole new direction.

“I’m here for you, roomie.” I paused just long enough to make it sound dirty, then continued when he made a low sexy sound. “Let me help tug that out.”

Oh yeah, that didn’t help his situation at all, but it was fun.

As stressful and fucked up as the last few weeks had been, this was the best time I’d had in ages. Pushing my luck just a bit, I moved close and let my side brush against his as I reached under the bed. I’d have backed off if he’d said something or had given a hint that I was making him uncomfortable in a bad way, but the way he sucked in a breath and shivered said he was enjoying himself.

I let my arm run along his until I came to the mattress. “There we go. Let’s tug it together. I’ll help and it’ll go smoothly.”

Archer made the sexiest sounds.

He was going to be the best roommate ever.

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I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes…two sides of the same coin.

Some things I write are traditional BDSM stories and some are taboo. I love trying to explain people’s needs and desires.

No matter if you’re reading one of my female domination books or my gay taboo stories, you’ll find sweet, open characters who are discovering what they want out of a relationship.

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