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Hi, I’m Dan Bougie, I write under the pen name Kristian Daniels. I’m a Canadian author and I’ve been writing shorts stories for fun since I was twelve years old but only wrote my first novel just recently. I’m a dreamer therefore coming up with a story line comes easy for me.Here is a bit of background for you. Out of High School I went on to study Fashion Design and work for an Ottawa designer for two years as an apprentice. To nurture my artistic side, I enrolled in ballet and jazz classes and became a member of a local theatre group that staged mostly musicals and had the chance to put my dance classes to work and to show the actor side of me.I love writing and telling stories. I’m inspired by what I read, I hear and by what other the LGBTQ+ community has gone and is still going through. Being part of this community myself, I’d like to change societies perception of who we are. To let the new generation know that it’s okay to love who you want, it’s okay to be who you are and not be who somebody else wants you to be or act.With my new novel “Stolen Heart” I tell the story of a young man who grew up in a small community and spends his youth being someone else. Life changes for him when he leaves for university. He is surrounded by loving and not so loving people.

My other passions

I love music. I listen to music all day, if I’m not working. My preference is today’s music, music they did twenty years ago which today’s young artists remake. Music is my motivator for staying fit, I exercise either with music blasting in my home gym or with my ear buds when I’m out walking. I was a fitness instructor and owned a fitness studio and create upbeat and fun fitness classes for my clients.When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and my two dogs, and my husband and I try to get away at least twice a year somewhere in the Caribbean.I hope you enjoy reading my stories and the adventures of my characters as much as I enjoyed creating them. Remember, Love is Love, no matter who you Love. God bless and Thank you for your visit. Hope to see you again here soon.


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